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Caption: Figure 5: (a) Quantitative real-time PCR for abccl, abcal, and abcgl in LPS-stimulated dendritic cells over time normalized to the sum of csnk2a2 and fbxo38 mRNA levels.
Recently, new research has shown that knock-down of ABCAl, ABCGl, and SR-BI diminishes, but does not completely block, the transport of apoA-I or HDL through the endothelium [32, 33].
The population of ALDH-positive cells has also recently been demonstrated to express genes that in vertebrates are associated with primordial germ cells like piwi, nanos, and blimp7; stem cell maintenance (cmyc, Un28, pten, pumilio, numb); and stem cell surface markers (cxcr4, cdJ33, iftm, abcgl, cd49) (M.