ABCIAssociation of Baptist Churches in Israel
ABCIAudit Bureau of Circulations' Interactive
ABCIAustralian Boys Choral Institute (Melbourne, Australia)
ABCIAdvanced Business Communications, Inc.
ABCIAdvanced Business Concepts, Inc (Springfield, VA)
ABCIAllocated Baseline Configuration Index (USCG)
ABCIAssociate of the Business Continuity Institute
ABCIAssociation Belge du Crédit Immobilier (French: Belgian Association of Real Estate Credit; Belgium)
ABCIAssociation Belge des Constructeurs Informatiques (French: Belgian Association of Computer Manufacturers; Belgium)
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Mekni [beaucoup moins que]revele[beaucoup plus grand que] aussi qu'en 2012, un document titre accord de conciliation a ete signe entre un conseiller rapporteur au contentieux de l'Etat et Abdelmajid Bouden au nom de l'ABCI. Selon Mekni, le signataire tunisien n'avait aucune procuration legale pour le faire et n'avait pas soumis le document a la consultation aupres de la commission des contentieux.
Leyenda: FIGURA 1 | Cambios en la distribucion espacial de las familias ABCI en Santiago, 2002 y 2013
When this newly developed technology was applied to open source deep learning software using 2,048 GPUs in the ABCI system and measured for this benchmark, Fujitsu Laboratories confirmed that it beats the previous speed record by more than 30 seconds, completing the training in 74.7 seconds, the world's highest speed.
It expects ABCI to maintain strong capitalisation based on moderate premium growth and its conservative investment mix.
(iii) the CAREC 2020 Mid-Term Review; (iv) The ABCI Investment
Jack Bogle, ABCI Consultants Managing Partner reported, "The PECB International published management system courses provide us an excellent opportunity to meet the training requirements of our broad-base of clients throughout North America.
The same sources said it would not even be ruled out that the Tunisian government takes over the bank, which is also a subsidiary of STB, the ABCI. But at what cost and with which conditions?
And AbCi I-Shaykh al-Isbahani narrated with his isnad that Umar b.
29, (ANI-Business Wire India): Mercedes-Benz Magazine, published by Maxposure Media Group, won Gold in External Magazine category at the 53rd ABCI Annual Awards Night held in Mumbai recently.
The book of Bulgarian PR expert Maxim Behar 111 Rules on Facebook sparked a furor at ComFest 2013, the annual meeting of Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) that was held in Mumbai, India.
EDUCATION 38% EDUCATION is an issue for 44 per cent of ABCI higher income households in Scotland and just 33 per cent of lower income households.
Soyle ki; ne Amerikaci ne de ABci bir tavir sergilemeyen Turklerin aslinda her iki guce duyduklari guven ve yakinlik hislerinin bir sonucu olarak NATO'yu kayitsiz bir sekilde benimsedikleri gozlenmektedir.