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ABCLArmed Bear Common Lisp
ABCLAmerican Birth Control League
ABCLAs Built Configuration List
ABCLAutomatic Barrier Crossing, Locally Monitored (rail traffic; UK)
ABCLSino-American Biological Control Laboratory (USDA)
ABCLAmitabh Bachhan Corporation Limited
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ABCL is one of the leading fund managers in India with an aggregate AUM of INR2.
ABCL, which was incorporated in May, 2003, had started with first 24-hour Telugu news channel under brand name TV9 in the following year and latter expanded to other regional languages.
The ABCL is over 35 years old and their schedule for this year included the celebration of Lieldienas on March 19, when the community gathered for lunch, coloured Easter eggs with onion skins, and sang folk songs.
Os resultados obtidos pelo Inventario comportamental ABCL foram analisados de acordo com o escore obtido em cada uma das oito Escalas Isoladas e, posteriormente, agrupadas em Escalas Internalizantes, Externalizantes e Total de Problemas.
AMITABH Says Babuji's poems kept him going after ABCL failed and his acting career was at an all- time low
More specifically children of parents on HD scored significantly higher than control children in all aspects of trends in behavior ("internalizing", "externalizing", "neither internalizing nor externalizing") on the CBCL and the ABCL scale.
ABCL Board Meeting Minutes, April 25, 1935, frame 30, reel 28, Sanger Papers.
His salary: a stunning $3 million a year, which should come in handy since his entertainment company, ABCL, failed.
Other examples are the ABCL [Yonezawa 1990] series of languages and HAL [Houck and Agha 1992], which could be used for prototyping concurrent applications.
Following complaints that repeated jeering, whistling and catcalls from some of the male viewers made it impossible for women to see the film, ABCL announced a special 'Ladies' show' simultaneously at eight theatres in Bombay in mid-February 1996, sparking off another controversy about the legitimacy of a film which is obscene enough to embarrass women in a mixed audience.
The Sahara Group, which owns airlines, media and financial services, recently picked up a minority stake in ABCL, Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan's troubled TV and media company.
As of April 30, 2012, there was $230 million of manufacturing debt due within one year, including $100 million due under the ABCL.