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ABCLArmed Bear Common Lisp
ABCLAmerican Birth Control League
ABCLAs Built Configuration List
ABCLAutomatic Barrier Crossing, Locally Monitored (rail traffic; UK)
ABCLSino-American Biological Control Laboratory (USDA)
ABCLAmitabh Bachhan Corporation Limited
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AMITABH Says Babuji's poems kept him going after ABCL failed and his acting career was at an all- time low
More specifically children of parents on HD scored significantly higher than control children in all aspects of trends in behavior ("internalizing", "externalizing", "neither internalizing nor externalizing") on the CBCL and the ABCL scale.
ABCL Board Meeting Minutes, April 25, 1935, frame 30, reel 28, Sanger Papers.
ABCL was rechristened AB Corp in 2001, and a mint-new team headed by CEO Ramesh Pulapaka is now in place.
ABCL Properties beat Titans Tiffin Time CC by seven wickets.
In the first quarterfinal match, ABCL Properties registered a 7 wicket victory over AEN Sharjah.
Under ABCL, Jaya had produced the superhit sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh in the early nineties.
In the Ajman Cricket Council Twenty20 Super League, ABCL Properties piled up 305 for 3 and bowled out Mammu Cricket Club for 129.
The primary objective was to evaluate response rate and toxicity of belinostat in patients with rel/ref ABCL with up to five prior chemotherapy regimens.
In order not to give up the moment, I was operating on the principle that the Corporation ( ABCL, or Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd) must not die, I had to ensure that I paid back every sow that I owed to a vast army of people.
Though he has known success like no other Bollywood star, Bachchan has also burnt his fingers more than once -- with movies that have bombed, a failed political stint, and with his company ABCL which went bankrupt.
The Company's common stock trades on the Nasdaq National Market tier of the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol: ABCL.