ABCMActivity Based Cost Management
ABCMAssociation of British Chemical Manufacturers
ABCMAssociação Brasileira dos Criadores de Marchigiana
ABCMMaster Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Naval Rating)
ABCMAssembly of Boundary-Controlled Monolayers
ABCMAssociate, British College of Music
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The RBO is aggressively working to anticipate future requirements and brought people from the states to assist with cleaning the ABCM database and streamlining the process.
However, evidence over the past ten years has indicated relatively low rates of adoption of ABCM (Innes and Mitchell 1995; Banerjee and Kane 1996; Evans and Ashworth 1996; Bhimani 1996; Hrisak 1996; Innes et al.
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Part 1 focuses on the costing of products and includes three chapters: the production process, product costing and ABCM.
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We are in the process now of mapping processes to apply ABCM within MTMC.
With the shift in emphasis from the "cost assignment view" to the "process view" came a change from ABC to ABCM (activity)-based cost management) or ABM for short.
Unlike less-specific costing methods, ABCM measures the costs from each and every activity associated with the manufacturing process.
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