ABCMActivity Based Cost Management
ABCMAssociation of British Chemical Manufacturers
ABCMAssociação Brasileira dos Criadores de Marchigiana
ABCMMaster Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Naval Rating)
ABCMAssembly of Boundary-Controlled Monolayers
ABCMAssociate, British College of Music
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17) Annie McGowan, "Perceived Benefits of ABCM Implementation," Accounting Horizons, March 1998, pp.
The RBO is aggressively working to anticipate future requirements and brought people from the states to assist with cleaning the ABCM database and streamlining the process.
ABCM will provide the opportunity for programs to more accurately identify exactly how they are spending their funds and more importantly ensure they are identified correctly in our budget constrained environment.
The whole idea with ABCM to is to explode overhead.
We were looking for a business partner who could provide us with a solid ABCM solution today, but would also be able to see the big picture, and help us develop both short- and long-term strategies for achieving the corporate goals.
GE customer productivity leader Betsy Knight has compiled a manual on ABCM and given numerous seminars on the subject as part of GE's "Share the Knowledge" program.
This is civil engineering related work in appropriated funds, and we are currently building three regional activity ABCM models to determine what BOS services cost on all Atlantic fleet installations.
IN THE CONSOLIDATED APPROACH TO ABCM (see illustration below), the central group develops an underlying activity model common to all systems designed at the local business unit level.
The integration of these products provides customers with robust ABCM functionality such as customer and product profitability analysis, process level benchmarking capability and detailed cost improvement tools.
This guideline is useful for those who may lead or participate in efforts to implement ABCM and can help them to develop a framework for planning and managing the implementation of ABCM, learn to use core tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness of such projects, and understand the roles and responsibilities of financial professionals in ABCM implementation projects.
The BridgeSmart Program, the first course dedicated to this integrated ABCM approach, features in-depth immersion workshops to educate organizations on how to maximize their returns from ABCM.