ABCMAgent-Based Computational Modeling
ABCMActivity Based Costing Model
ABCMAssistant Banking Center Manager (various locations)
ABCMActivity Based Cost Management
ABCMAssociation of British Chemical Manufacturers
ABCMAssociação Brasileira dos Criadores de Marchigiana
ABCMMaster Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Naval Rating)
ABCMAssembly of Boundary-Controlled Monolayers
ABCMAssociate, British College of Music
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Their approach to personalization is the Attributized Bayesian Choice Modeling (ABCM).
Mahmoud Abdulrehman Mahmoud from the Arab Board of Community Medicine (ABCM).
This is being accomplished utilizing Activity Based Costing Management (ABCM).
ABSTRACT: Activity-based cost management (ABCM) can provide improved information for strategic decisions such as product planning and cost management.
Although the management accounting literature has just begun to produce research on activity-based budgeting (Selto and Widener 2001), there are several studies on the associated areas of activity-based cost management (ABCM) and capacity management.
The lack of an activity based cost management (ABCM) accounting system limits our ability to make informed decisions, considerations for competitive sourcing, and accurate cost assignments.
ABCM Corp Nursing Care Management 2,535 2 31 -- 2,533 1 Hampton, Iowa Laurel Health Care Management Co.
Part 1 focuses on the costing of products and includes three chapters: the production process, product costing and ABCM. Part 2 pertains to using costs for decision making, whose main topics are cost behavior, relevant costing, and capital budgeting.