ABCNYAssociation of the Bar of the City of New York
ABCNYAnimal Behavior Center of New York (Rego Park, NY)
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This partnership with ABCNY is an important example of how West LegalEdcenter brings the live CLE programs attorneys need to them on their own terms though the Web," notes Steve Daitch, vice president and general manager of West LegalEdcenter.
See ABCNY Report, supra note 67 (arguing that the Executive Order is defective because it "does not confine its scope to either offenders or offenses traditionally tried by the law of war").
ABCNY Report, supra note 67, at 39 ("to avoid the spectacle of Judeo-Christian civilization sitting combined in judgment on the Muslim civilization--an image some say Bin Laden seeks to foster--participation by Islamic judges would be necessary.
She is one of the most amazing student interns I have ever worked with," explains Nancy Merrell, MA, CBCT, a certified canine behavior counselor and director of the seminar program at ABCNY.
There is much to learn from the ABCNY Fund Report in that regard.
The ABCNY Fund Report chronicles the unprecedented level of voluntarism from the bar in the wake of the terrorist acts.
59) In New York, the hotline volunteers received manuals and information sheets on how to deal with various legal matters, but as the ABCNY Fund Report intimates, there is no substitute for real in-depth expertise in the particular area.
As described in the ABCNY Fund Report, senior Legal Aid lawyers staffed the legal services table at the Disaster Assistance Service Center at 141 Worth Street, every day from 4:00 to 8:00 p.