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ABCPAsset-Backed Commercial Paper
ABCPAssociação Brasileira de Cimento Portland (Brazil)
ABCPAmerican Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
ABCPAssociate Business Continuity Professional
ABCPAssociação Brasileira de Ciência Política
ABCPAssociate Business Continuity Planner
ABCPAfrican Blackwood Conservation Project (Tanzania)
ABCPAmbase Corporation
ABCPAirborne Command Post
ABCPAsian Buddhist Conference for Peace
ABCPA Band Called Pain (band)
ABCPAccess-Based Clustering Protocol
ABCPAmerican Board of Clinical Pharmacology, Inc.
ABCPAdamsville Business and Community Partnership
ABCPActivity-Based Computing Protocol
ABCPAshburton Canal Project
ABCPAddison, Burrows, Cox and Patrick
ABCPAntique Brass Cup Pull
ABCPAlternate Battery Command Post (military)
ABCPAfter Burner Centrifugal Pump
ABCPArmy Bands Career Program (US Army)
ABCPAssured Betagro Chicken Program
ABCPArgentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay
ABCPAutomated Battalion Command Post
ABCPActivity-Based Costing Principle
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Westaim has holdings in eight trusts affected by the ABCP market, which has been frozen since mid-August 2007.
The company holds around USD368m of non-bank R-1 (high) rated ABCP allocated among its reserve funds and accounts, required by its debt indentures and has about USD130m of cash and cash equivalents not affected by the non-bank ABCP market problems.
Fitch's credit outlook for global ABCP in 2012 was stable, consistent with the outlooks for the global financial institutions that act as liquidity and credit enhancement providers to ABCP programs.
2 trillion in outstandings in the summer of 2007, the ABCP market nearly ground to a halt once the credit crisis began to take hold.
Fitch's credit outlook for global ABCP in 2010 remains consistent with the outlooks for the global financial institutions that act as liquidity and credit enhancement providers to ABCP programs.
To assist the ABCP market in co-coordinating informed responses to today's challenges, the 2nd Annual Forum on ABCP, sponsored by the Strategic Research Institute, will again unite investors, conduit sponsors, and professional service providers from the ABCP financial market.
financial institutions endure increasing pressure, Fitch's Rating Outlook for ABCP remains Negative going into next year.
ABCP could fill that demand, thus fueling the growth of the European commercial paper market.
ABCP outstandings, which have been in decline so far this year,' said Corrigan.
and Canadian Fitch-rated ABCP as detailed in a new report.
ABCP is taking on more importance in a sector that has been challenged since the fall of 2008 as economic pressures, counterparty credit, and asset quality concerns continue to weigh on global capital markets, according to Fitch Ratings in a new report.
dollar denominated ABCP with maturities of up to 397 days.