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ABCPAsset-Backed Commercial Paper
ABCPArmy Body Composition Program (US Army)
ABCPAssociação Brasileira de Cimento Portland (Brazil)
ABCPAmerican Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion
ABCPAssociate Business Continuity Professional
ABCPAssociação Brasileira de Ciência Política
ABCPAssociate Business Continuity Planner
ABCPAfrican Blackwood Conservation Project (Tanzania)
ABCPAmbase Corporation
ABCPAirborne Command Post
ABCPAsian Buddhist Conference for Peace
ABCPA Band Called Pain (band)
ABCPAwesomed by Comics Podcast
ABCPAccess-Based Clustering Protocol
ABCPAmerican Board of Clinical Pharmacology, Inc.
ABCPAdamsville Business and Community Partnership
ABCPActivity-Based Computing Protocol
ABCPAshburton Canal Project
ABCPAntique Brass Cup Pull
ABCPAddison, Burrows, Cox and Patrick
ABCPAssured Betagro Chicken Program
ABCPAlternate Battery Command Post (military)
ABCPArmy Bands Career Program (US Army)
ABCPAfter Burner Centrifugal Pump
ABCPAutomated Battalion Command Post
ABCPArgentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay
ABCPActivity-Based Costing Principle
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ABCP sponsoring banks in 2011 materialised in 2012, thereby affecting
Sheffield's ABCP programme is partially supported, while Surrey's ABCP is fully supported, S&P said.
The company holds around USD368m of non-bank R-1 (high) rated ABCP allocated among its reserve funds and accounts, required by its debt indentures and has about USD130m of cash and cash equivalents not affected by the non-bank ABCP market problems.
This article describes how middle-market businesses can use ABCP today.
renewed interest in the assets underlying ABCP, even where transactions
As of 15 September 2009, all outstanding ABCP had been repaid in full and there will be no further issuance within the programme, the agency added.