ABCRAmerican Bashkir Curly Registry
ABCRATP-Binding Cassette Transporter, Retina-Specific
ABCRArizona Border Collie Rescue (Tempe, AZ)
ABCRAs Built Configuration Report
ABCRAssociation of British Cartridge Remanufacturers
ABCRAustralian Blood Cancer Registry
ABCRAviary Bred, Close Ringed (birds bred in captivity for sale in Britain)
ABCRAvonex, Betaferon, Copaxone, Rebif (drug treatment for multiple sclerosis symptoms)
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In many cases, the funding of long-term mortgage assets relied on the ability to roll over short-term ABCR With this market collapsing and because of doubts about counterparties' creditworthiness due to large but unquantified exposure to the mortgage market, many large financial firms faced a severe liquidity squeeze that threatened their survival.
The future role of ABCR (Interferons and Copaxone) in the era of small molecules and B-cell inhibitors.
2016 Exhibitors Company Booth AAIPharma Services | Cambridge Major Laboratories 503 Aaron Equipment Company 510 ABCR GmbH 1226 Ace Glass 1703 Aceto Corporation 803 Adesis Inc.
Moussa El Hayek, chief operating officer, ABCR, said: "The health screening campaign put diabetes in the public spotlight.
The ABCR gene has been identified as the causative gene.
Mutational scanning of the ABCR gene with double-gradient denaturing-gradient gel electrophoresis (DG-DGGE) in Italian Stargardt disease patients.
2015 Exhibitors Company Booth Aaron Equipment Company 1049 ABA Chemicals Corporation 1116 ABCR GmbH 1245 Ace Glass 519 Aceto Corporation 1405 Adesis Inc.
Moussa El Hayek, chief operating officer of ABCR, said: "The latest development at the food court is expected to further enhance our appeal by offering hotel guests, mall shoppers and visitors greater convenience and access to a variety of dining options.