ABCSGAustrian Breast Cancer Study Group
ABCSGAustrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group
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In AZURE, ER-positive premenopausal women [the same population as in the ABCSG XII trial] are showing no benefit--in fact, there's almost a disadvantage with zoledronic acid--and that's clearly different from ABCSG 12," said Dr.
Switching from adjuvant tamoxifen to anastrozol in postmenopausal women with hormone- responsive early breast cancer: a meta-analysis of the ARNO 95 trial, ABCSG trial 8 and the ITA trial.
ABCSG is currently recruiting up to 30 percent of all Austrian breast cancer patients into their clinical trial program.
Nearly 800 patients who were randomized to the tamoxifen-only arm of ABCSG 8 elected to switch to anastrozole following widely publicized reports at the 2004 San Antonio symposium that 5 years of an aromatase inhibitor resulted in significantly better recurrence-free survival than did 5 years of tamoxifen.
Michael Gnant, MD, Professor at the Medical University of Vienna, is President of ABCSG and lead investigator of the new study.