ABCVAir Bleed Control Valve (car part)
ABCVAutomatic Bar Code Verification
ABCVAmphotericin B Cholesterol Hemisuccinate Vesicles (biochemistry)
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Hydrogels were then obtained by crosslinking AAm with MBA in the presence of ABCV, which was used as radical initiator.
For comparison the behavior of the same mixture devoid of the radical initiator (ABCV) is shown in (b).
The aBCV formation is based on requirement of autophagy-initiation proteins including ULK1, Beclin1, ATG14L and PI3- kinase activity (Itakura and Mizushima, 2010; Matsunaga et al., 2010).
No Brasil, a partir de 2009 a Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas (ABNT) publicou as versoes em portugues das seguintes normas ISO (ABCV, 2011):
The plane through I perpendicular to the edge AV meets AV in P, so the sphere centre I through P touches each of the six edges of ABCV. Can you find an expression for the inter-radius IP?
DES MOINES, IOWA-BASED ABC VIRTUAL (ABCV) and Milwaukee-based Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) have announced an interface between ABCV's ECLoanPro loan origination system (LOS) and MGIC's Mortgage Insurance (MI) Service.