ABCWUAAlbuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
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During the course of the installation, a group of ABCWUA employees assembled on site to watch a demonstration of Hobas CCFRPM pipe being installed by sliplining.
The performance plan is a component of the ABCWUA's strategic planning, budgeting, and improvement process, as shown in Exhibit 1.
To accomplish this objective, the ABCWUA implemented an improved light-duty program to get employees back on the job safely.
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) QualServe Benchmarking Performance Indicators Survey comprises a significant component of the ABCWUA's performance plan.
The organization of the utility's performance plan is based on ABCWUA's five-year goal areas, which are modeled after AWWA's QualServe business model.
The performance measures are used to help monitor the ABCWUA's performance and to develop performance targets.
Exhibit 4 shows how the ABCWUA performs in distribution water loss, compared with the industry peer group.
The ABCWUA moved from asking "How many leaks are repaired each year?" to 'Are we improving the condition of the water distribution system, meeting service level needs, and becoming more efficient with water distribution?" In a 2008 customer opinion survey, a little more than half of the customers said that they were either very or somewhat satisfied with the condition of the water lines, as far as the number of leaks they observe.
At the ABCWUA, division managers are responsible for their respective goal areas and objectives, and for tracking their performance.
Several survey questions are tied to the performance measures and levels of service, so the survey provides qualitative data that relates to quantitative data from the benchmarking effort, ensuring that the ABCWUA is balancing performance improvement with customer expectations.
The annual budget review is another area where the ABCWUA uses performance measures and performance targets to improve accountability The executive director and the managers integrate performance reporting with the budget process to focus the budget discussion on allocating resources and addressing performance gaps.