ABDARAircraft Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
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Accountant Abdar Razak, shopping with his 10-year-old daughter Remeesha, took a more pragmatic approach, saying he would spend the cash on a new kitchen for the home her shares with his wife Nahaid, 45, in Langton Court, Darras Hall, Northumberland.
DREAM SPENDERS: Left to right, Daniela Neri, Donna Howe and her mother Pat Sinclair, Abdar Razak and his daughter Remeesha and Julie and Ken Girdwood.
(15) See Emile Dermenghen, La vie de Mahomet (Paris: Plon, 1929); 'Abdar Rahman 'Azzam, The Eternal Message of Muhammad, trans.
Enhance Air Force aircraft battle damage assessment and repair (ABDAR) by providing battle damage assessors, technicians, and engineers with quick and easy access to assessment and repair information.
In Phase II, the design effort focused on providing ABDAR information to the user through a portable maintenance aid (PMA).
In U-10 girls U-15kg category, Iqra won gold, Samra silver and Areej Riaz bronze, in U-20kg, Fiza won gold, Asfa silver and Noor Fatima bronze, in U-25kg, Ayesha won gold, Amna silver and Minahil bronze, in U-30kg, Raeesa won gold, Anoushey silver and Sadia bronze, in U-35kg, Sonia won gold, Marhaba silver and Aqsa bronze, in U-40kg, Aqsa won gold, Ushna silver and Iraj Fatima bronze, in U-45kg, Munisha won gold, Farheen silver and Farheen bronze, in U-50kg, Maham won gold, Abdar silver and Mahnoor bronze.
On the opposite side, along the highway's southbound track, the DHA City Karachi (DCK) housing project is under construction on 11,640 acres in deh Abdar and deh Khadeji (a deh is the smallest revenue unit for land in Sindh, similar to 'mauza' in the rest of the country).
Two belonged to Multan (Babar Imran alias Abu Akasha, 25, and Hafiz Arshad alias Abu Abdar Rehman alias Bada, 23), two from Faisalabad (Nasir alias Abu Umar, 23, and Nazir alias Abu Umer, 28) one from Arifwala in Pakpatan district (Abdul Rehman alias Abu Abdar Rehman alias Chhota, 21) and one from Shakargarh area of Narowal district (Shoaib alias Abu Saheb, 21).