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During the visit, the two sides endorsed the longstanding relationship between ABDB and ATMs, and praised the progress made in improving cooperative relations through various interactions such as tour exchanges, courses, professional exchanges, training and two things and various things.
In addition to the tour program, General Tan Sri Dato 'Sri Zulkiple and his delegation were involved in various interaction sessions with right officers from the ABDB, and were also welcomed by a dinner committee hosted by Brigedier General Dato Seri Pahlawan Awang Khairul Hamed, Government of TDDB.
A book marking the ABDB's Golden Jubilee was launched by HM the Sultan on 1 June 2013 (PB Sa.3.6.2013:12-13).
At 1015h (local time) on Friday 20 July 2012 (30 Syaaban 1433) six cadet officers perished along with six ABDB personnel in NBD's worst aviation disaster.
At Jerudong on 21 July 2012 HM the Sultan and senior members of the royal family paid their last respects to 770 Kapten Udara Mohd Ismail bin DSS Haji Hamid, one of the ABDB officers killed in the tragedy.
Awarded the PGAT to Me jar Jeneral Abidin, ABDB Commander, 15 December 1998 (PBA 6.1.1999: 5).
This book, launched on Sunday 4 December 2005, comprises BAKTI ABDB members' recipes, whether of Malay, Asian, or Western cuisine.