ABDFAboriginal Business Development Fund (Canada)
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The Chair of the Americans of Bulgarian Descent Federation (ABDF), Rumen Hitchev, was the first Bulgarian in the US history to receive Order of Merit form the US Republican National Committee.
The ABDF is part of the Faculty of Advanced Technology at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, and will be at the heart of the testing and development of bi-polar batteries using unique components manufactured by Atraverda, an advanced materials company in Wales.
Scores) -1.69 0.92 Presweetened Cereal 1.89 (abcdef) 3.86 (akm) Candy 3.54 (abcdef) 4.76 (am) Potato/Corn Chips 3.30 (abcdef) 5.00 (alm) Powdered Drink Mixes 1.76 (abdf) 3.05 (akm) Regular Sodas 3.78 (cde) 3.86 (j) Convenience Foods (Std.
For the equilibrium permit price P*, and marginal cost functions M[C.sup.1] and M[C.sup.k] for the OECDs and non-OECDs respectively, the total costs to the OECDs are the area ABDF. In case the marginal costs in the non-OECDs are lower, say MC, the costs reductions for the OECDs are the area CDFG.
The exercise provided 5 maritime training tracks and daily instruction took place at 3 Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force (ABDF) military installations on the island.
Coordenador da Revista de Direito Tributario da ABDF. Coordenador da Comissao de Direito Tributario da EMARF (TRF2).