ABDLAdult Baby/Diaper lover
ABDLAutomatic Binary Data Link
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Table 5 reports estimates of an ABDL where civilian employment in thousands is explained by one-month-lagged employment and the Austrian Money Supply (AMS) in billions of dollars, lagged 6 and 18 months.
Fire safety installations with ABA, AVA, fire ventilation and ABDL etc.
The workers in each supply area are offered in three major contracts - Unfinished buildings and closing : - Outfitting : - Engineering and Installation : In addition, offered the following works in frame supply / main contracts - Fire prevention systems (ABA / ABDL / ARS) (put up) : - BAS (put up) : - Individual and building interlocking (AIK / ADK / ITV / intercom) (put up) : - IT Network (put up) : - Signage (put up) : - Garnish and care products.