ABDLAdult Baby/Diaper lover
ABDLAutomatic Binary Data Link
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JUST around the time of Egypt's Muhammad Abdl ibn al- Wahhab, Indian theologian Shah Waliullah was laying the foundations of a religious revival movement in Delhi.
Creation of 'Al Jihad' is attributed to Abdl al Salam Faraj, who, in his best known book 'the Absent Obligation' elevated the duty of armed revolt by declaring Jihad as sixth pillar of Islam.
Table 5 reports estimates of an ABDL where civilian employment in thousands is explained by one-month-lagged employment and the Austrian Money Supply (AMS) in billions of dollars, lagged 6 and 18 months.
CRISIL has assigned its 'D' rating to Arian Breweries and Distilleries Ltd's (ABDL's) term loan facility.
Table 1 Relative growth of selected structures in males and females of Thor amboinensis y x Regression [r.sup.2] [SE.sub.s] [t.sub.2] P Males CheL CL y = 0.4146x + 0.6133 0.017 15.36 <0.00l 0.004 AbdL CL y = 0.885x - 0.8861 0.016 3.14 0.0025 0.055 Females CheL CL y = 0.4162x + 0.5915 0.018 10.89 <0.001 0.004 AbdL CL y = 0.869x - 0.8697 0.019 2.39 0.0216 0.022 The regression equations, correlation coefficients, and standard errors of the slopes ([SE.sub.s]), of each studied variable are shown.
--Bredie, E.D; Lorenzen, A.E; Guickshank, A.; Hovel, J.S; McDoland, D.K; Ali Bedri; Abdel Halim Mohamed; Abdl Allah Abu Shamma; Al Tigani Al Mahi (1945): Female Circumcision in The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.
Henley College student Mlasi Manara, aged 24, of Stoney Stanton Road, Coventry, mum to 11-month-old Abdl.
Floor names in the Ashrafieh Tower will include Sodeco, Sursok, Monot, Sahet Sassine and Abdl Wahab.
``Paradise lies in the shadow of the sword,'' cried the misguided armies of Abdl al-Rhaman as they swept through Europe.
Valentine called Frazier the founding theorist of the "theme of the disorganization of the life of the urban poor." Valentine accused Frazier of using the language of "pejorative moralism" and implicitly suggested that The Negro Family in the United States neither contained useful ideas nor attained a standard worthy of emulation so necessary for the development of a public policy sufficient to remedy social problems of lower class African Americans.(10) For the Afrocentrist sociologist Abdl Hakimu Ibn Alkalimat in 1973, E.
AbdH + AdL - AbdL + de - p + Ap - A[b.sup.2]dH-[c.sup.2]dH+A[c.sup.2]dH - AbdL + A[b.sup.2]dL dL-cdL + [c.sup.2]dL + AcdL - A[c.sup.2]dL - Ade + Abde - de + cde + Ade - Acde.