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ABEAMAcross the Borders European Air Traffic Management System Effect (EU)
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The Concur Japan ABeam Consulting collaboration will not only help existing customers make their business administration more sophisticated, but also give Japanese companies the extra help they need to enhance their international competitiveness through cost structure optimization.
Peter Dam-Johnsen, SVP Sales and Marketing at Stratinis highlight the strategic importance of the Stratinis - ABeam alliance:
The AN-32 was flown at 25,000 feet in a south-westerly course from abeam Khajuraho, descending and aligning along the central axis of the eclipse.
Their boat was abeam of us when the outboard's lower unit shot out of the water, and the boat suddenly stopped, ejecting my cousin out the front.
The Civil Aviation Authority has confirmed it received a report of abeam of a powerful green light being shone into the cockpit of a Boeing 737 - capable of carrying around 130 passengers - as it made its final approach.
The terra cotta stone around the window sills, dormers, and lintels was very dirty," said Michael Abeam, president of Seaboard Weatherproofing and Restoration.
We flew a loose formation position about 100 feet abeam the test aircraft, and looked for fuel or oil leaks, smoke trailing behind any part of the plane, missing side panels or any other unusual conditions and called them to the attention of the XB-70 test pilot.
We spoke to Toshinori Iwasawa, Managing Director of ABeam Consulting about the challenges facing them in terms of recruitment.
Preliminary Newtonian modeling of glider launch forces shows snatch pickup to be physically viable from flight decks, abeam across helipads, and even the littoral water surface.
He instructed an exhausted, unqualified third mate named Gregory Cousins to turn the ship when it came abeam of Busby Island.
Half way down the runway, just abeam the tower, we popped out of the fog bank into conditions that were "clear and a million.
Dragonslayer 616 was being preflighted in the landing area abeam the island during a CH-46 vertrep.