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ABEDAssociação Brasileira de Educação a Distância (Brazilian Association of Distance Education)
ABEDBachelor of Arts in Education
ABEDAsian British Entercation Division (website)
ABEDAlgorithm-Based Error Detection
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A pretty pickle, truly, thought I; abed here in a strange house in the broad day, with a cannibal and a tomahawk!
He would lie abed till two o'clock, and sit up half the night talking, and an edition of Shakespeare which he had promised years before got no further on.
You asked me to tell you something to be glad about--glad, you know, even though you did have to lie here abed all day."
Abed, who is on Twitter as @ stammer_teacher, was told he could never be a teacher because of his stammer.
Israeli media outlets reported Abed al-Fattah was allegedly in possession of a knife and attempted to carry out a stabbing attack.
Bana Al Abed told the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) "as the voice of the children", that, "War has destroyed everything in my country, and education is one of them".
Abed Fahed is one of the first Syrian drama stars with scores of television work to his name.
A Garda statement said: "Gardai wish to seek the public's assistance in tracing the whereabouts Quadra Abed Abbassi.
Johannesburg [South Africa], Jan 20 ( ANI ): Former South Africa all-rounder Sulaiman 'Dik' Abed passed away recently in The Netherlands.
Correspondence should be addressed to Salah Sahabi Abed; salaLsahabi@yahoo.com
Abed Rabo was also charged with supporting a terrorist organization and making contact with a foreign agent.
Sufyaan Abed, of Followingworth Road, Batley, faces sentencing by a crown court judge after pleading guilty to theft.