ABEGSArab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (Saudi Arabia)
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The meeting was held during the minister's visit to Saudi Arabia and upon ABEGS request to review the Ministry of Education (MoE)'s remarks pertaining to the office's 2015-2020 strategy.
also said, "When ABEGS Executive Council meets here in Muscat, this
Gearing up for production, the EAC meeting included representatives from ABEGS, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Joint Program Production Institution, Health Authorities of Abu Dhabi, TwoFour54, Poet's Academy, Zayed University, and Mubadala.
Dr Ali Al Karni, the director general of Abegs, said: "Renewing our partnership is a testament to international co-operation on best practices in educational media.
During the opening ceremony, Saud bin Salim Al-Balushi, Omani Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Educational Planning and the Development of Human Resources, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Olympics, delivered a speech in which he said that mathematics is the language of the time and the key to many disciplines, thus the development of its curricula, improvement of its programs and development of its skills in our students have become an urgent need to keep abreast of the developments in our modern time, adding that this contest is a significant example of the keenness of ABEGS to improve the performance of our students in modern sciences and requirements for future development.
The minister al-Ashwal emphasized in his speech at the closing meeting of the 22 session of the General Conference of the ABEGS, held in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the importance of convening the next session in Yemen to enhance the process of joint educational cooperation.
Source: ABEGS, Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, December 19, 2010 (12:00 a.m), http://www.abegs.org/Eportal Table 3: Types of Violence and Number of Cases for Bahraini women in 2010 Type of Violence Against Women Number of Cases Physical 145 Psychological 94 Verbal 14 Sexual 4 Neglect 14 Total 272 Source: Dunya, Ahmed, Center for women's complaints in the Supreme Council for Women Violence against Women, (Bahrain, 2010).
At the opening of the workshop, Deputy Minister of Education Abdullah al-Hamedi clarified that the program of life skills in Yemen, implemented by ABEGS, is the fruit of strengthening cooperation between Education Ministry and Arab Bureau for Education for the Gulf States.
Ali Abdul Khaliq Al-Qarni, Director General of ABEGS, and members of the ABEGS Executive Council attended, Oman News Agency (ONA) reported.
for the Gulf States (ABEGS) in creating the appropriate environment to
Produced in the UAE by Bidaya Media, the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS), the GCC Joint Programme Production Institute (JPPI) and Abu Dhabi's Media Production Zone twofour54, the series targets children in the age-group of four to six.
She added that the agenda of the meeting mainly included a strategy by GCC general secretariat and the Arab Bureau for Education in the Gulf States (ABEGS) for the development of education in the region, combating smoking at schools, the encouragement of voluntary activities in schools and in communities and the exchange of expertise among the six members of the GCC.