ABEIAssociazione dei Bibliotecari Ecclesiastici Italiani (Italian librarians association)
ABEIAssociation of British Engineers in Italy (Milan, Italy)
ABEIAlbers Business Ethics Initiative (Seattle University; Washington)
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However, despite the pressure exerted by the African Union, US and western countries during the last round of negotiations between the two sides, which did not reach to an agreement on the (Abei) oil region and five other sites on the border which extends to 1,800 kilometers.
spinulosum (Murray et Whitting) R,B 0.9 F P 1 Schiller Protoperidinium abei (Paulsen) R,B 12.4 H P 1 Balech P.
Al-Ry Al-m: - The Parliament: Abei will not be part of the oil issue, the government: Our stance on oil transit fees will not be retracted.
Since 1979, however, according to the Web site of the ABEI (Associacao Brasileira de Estudos Irlandeses), "there has been a substantial exchange of cultural experiences between Irish and Brazilian Universities.
Sudan's Maserye tribe has warned that it will fight anyone who prevents it from voting in the referendum in the central Sudanese oil rich territory of Abei, reported pan-Arab daily AL QUDS AL ARABI online Thursday.
"Paris as 'Other': George Moore, Kate Chopin, and French Literary Escape Routes." ABEI Journal 8 (2006): 79-87.
A new species of pomacanthid fish, Centropyge abei, is described from a single specimen, 90.8 mm SL, collected from a depth of 120 m during deep diving operations off Manado, Sulawesi in Indonesia during April 2005.
During rituals for infants, small animal figurines (sepatung abei) made of banana minks are often used; these are representations of animals (gibbons, monkeys, porcupines, squirrels, deer, civets, mongooses and parrots, to name the most common) in which spirits (abei) known to disturb people with "weak souls," such as small children, sometimes reside.
Now he's formed Raika with his two brothers Ged and Abei. You might have thought he'd have had enough of bands featuring siblings but, hell, our Tone doesn't seem to want to learn.
After the tubes were washed, aminobutylethylisoluminol (ABEI)-labeled anti-S-100[beta] was added, and the tubes were incubated for 120 min.