ABEIAssociazione dei Bibliotecari Ecclesiastici Italiani (Italian librarians association)
ABEIAssociation of British Engineers in Italy (Milan, Italy)
ABEIAlbers Business Ethics Initiative (Seattle University; Washington)
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The Khartoum government in the north has said that the Maserye tribe, an Arab Bedouin tribe which spends several months each year in Abei, must be allowed to vote in the referendum but the south has rejected this.
Beschrieben wird die neue Kaiserfischart Centropyge abei nach einem einzelnen Exemplar mit 90,8 mm SL, das in einer Tiefe von 120 Metern bei Tieftauchgangen vor Monado, Sulawesi, in Indonesien im April 2005 gefangen wurde.
South Sudanese officials say they want a swift decision from the African Union on Abyei, as Khartoum rejected a proposition made by the African Union mediation supporting the South Sudanese point of view and proving that only the Misseriya resident in Abei can participate in the vote.
M/s Technology International, Faisalabad was pre-screened for its indigenization in collaboration with the ABEI.
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AKHBAR ALYOUM: Bagan : we expect to solve the issues of Oil , Abei, and the boundaries in Adiss talks.
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Abei row is considered as the biggest threat to Sudan's landmark 2005 north-south peace deal that ended decades of civil war in Africa's largest nation.
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