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ABELAdvanced Broadband Enabled Learning
ABELAdvanced Boolean Expression Language
ABELAdvanced Boolean Equation Language
ABELAcid-Base and Electrolyte
ABELAdvanced Business Education, Ltd. (New Zealand)
ABELAir Breathing Electric Laser
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I am honored to lead the Tulsa radio team forward and to become part of a broadcast group that shares the same core values I do," said Abel.
Up to recently reliant on UV flexo, the 29-year-old Abel Labels was simply not able (no pun intended) to achieve the high quality expected by today s customers, according to Cowen.
Abel piles plenty of trouble on Joe and his gang, but the outcome is never in doubt.
Soon after, Abel learns that one of his trucks has been hijacked and the driver Julian (Elyes Gabel) has been badly beaten.
The sheriff's office did not know why Abel left his watch site.
Abel and Margaret met in Loftus, their childhood home.
Abel is now planning to serve his award-winning curry to the public at Newcastle College's Chef's Academy restaurant, and will also enter next month's annual inter-college Salon Culinaire cookery contest, organised by the North East Culinary Trade Association.
This is indeed obtained with the ALi core,” says Ole Hansvold, Abel CEO and one of the pioneers of Indian pay-TV to CableQuest.
Abel Hold (1815 - 1896) was originally a house painter before achieving fame with his Cawthorne scenes and paintings of animals and game.
Abel worked as a shoe leather cutter in New Bedford before joining the US Navy during WWII, in which he sailed the Pacific and won several medals.
Segregation signs, Abel finds, required complex reading and negotiation strategies on the part of subjects of Jim Crow, and they now require equally complex interpretive strategies.
Coroner Aidan Cotter said: "Sadly Abel died, no-one can tell us why and there seems to be no reason for it.