ABEMAmerican Board of Emergency Medicine
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Soon after that, in 2002, the Incentive Program to Curricular Changes in Medical Courses (Promed) was created by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, PAHO, Rede Unida and ABEM. The program's objective was to continue the movement that began with CINAEM through a technical collaboration to foster curricular reforms aimed at adapting medical education to the population's health needs.
The field data acquired using the ABEM SAS 1000 terrameter gave the value of the apparent resistivity in ohm meter ([ohm]m) at each electrode spacing (AB/2).
The Terrameter LS apparatus, produced by the Swedish company ABEM, was purchased as part of the Regional Operational Program project entitled: "Modernization and equipment of the laboratories of the Faculty of Geology, University of Warsaw, to conduct research essential for Mazovia in the field of environment geoengineering - STAGE I, No.
[28] ABEM, Instruction Manual for the Terrameter SAS/4000 SAS/1000, ABEM Instrument AB, 2010.
In this study, an ABEM Terrameter (SAS 1000/4000 model) [3] was used for the electrical resistivity study with electrode spread varying between 1-260 m where there were no constraints.
He serves as an oral boards examiner for the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM).
The present work proves quasi-optimal convergence rates for an adaptive boundary element method (ABEM) that includes data errors.
Ansar Beit al-Maqdis (ABEM) came into being in Sinai and started military operations against the government in 2010, after its members broke off from Al-Qaeda.
The field survey for electrical resistivity was carried out in two phases, with phase one taking place in June 2012 during a reconnaissance survey where only one line, 160 m long, was measured using an ABEM Terrameter SAS1000/4000 (microprocessor-driven resistivity meter).
ABEM Lund Imaging System equipment was used for the survey as well as an IRIS SYSCAL R2 instrument having automatically-selected electrodes (Dahlin, 1996).