ABEMAmerican Board of Emergency Medicine
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The data obtained from ABEM SAS 4000 Terrameter is processed by IPI win 2 software and converted into curves form that are known as resistivity curves, shown in Figure (4a).
Seismic refraction was carried out in the study area, using a 24-Channel ABEM Terraloc Mark 6 seismogram [2].
His most recent publications can be found in the International Journal of Music Education; Arts Education Policy Review; Journal of Curriculum Theorizing; Philosophy of Music Education Review; Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education; ABEM Journal in Brazil; and the Finnish Journal of Music Education.
Preliminary convergence and quasi-optimality results for lowest-order ABEM have independently been achieved in [14, 15].
This is whether such strategies and behavior by the Egyptian government will achieve the goal of reducing or eliminating ABEM and its terror attacks, or instead will only make the problem worse.
Perina, ABEM president, said that there is a continuing shortage of critical care physicians in the United States--a problem discussed in a 2006 report by the Institute of Medicine called "The Future of Emergency Care in the United States Health System.
Os equipamentos utilizados sao compostos por dois modulos, um de transmissao de corrente alimentado por baterias (VT250) e outro constituido por um receptor designado eletrorresistivimetro VR250 (Figura 9), ambos da marca AC ABEM.
The ABEM is a credentialing body for neurologists who subspecialize in peripheral neuromuscular disorders and electrodiagnostic medicine.
The measurements were made using an ABEM 300B resistivity meter, a signal averaging system (SAS) Terrameter.
2002): <<Sobre os processos de negociacao dos sentidos da musica na escola>>, en Revista da ABEM.
Electrical images were measured using a LUND ES464 automatic electrode selector connected to an ABEM 4000 Terrameter.
ABEM AB, Pylon Electronic Development, Geosoft Inc.