ABEPAssociação Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais (Brasil)
ABEPAuditory Brain Stem Evoked Potential (diagnostic tool; neurology)
ABEPArkansas Board of Examiners in Psychology (Little Rock, AR)
ABEPAdult Basic Education Programme (University of Botswana)
ABEPAverage Bit-Error Probability
ABEPAcetate Buffer Extraction Procedure
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In Anais do 16o Encontro nacional de estudos populacionais da ABEP (p.
Exact ABEP expressions for threshold digital relaying M2M cooperative networks were derived in [15].
ABEP Spray dyeing machine for delicate and sensitive yarns (Cashmere, Silk, Filaments).
By using the derived [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] expression, ABEP can be given as [6]
Caso fosse verificada a ausencia desses antecedentes, prosseguia-se a coleta e, na sequencia, eram aplicados os seguintes instrumentos: o Questionario ABEP, o Teste de Cefaleia, a Escala de Eventos Vitais e o Inventario de Sintomas de Stress para adultos de Lipp (2000).
The ABEP is the long term solution to the transportation needs in the region and will allow the Ambassador Bridge to provide FAST lanes on the bridge to more efficiently feed the FAST booths already present in the plaza," said Dan Stamper, Canadian Transit Company president.
The ABEP program gave me a map of what I needed to accomplish, including educational and emotional support guides to aid me in my attainment of higher education.
We evaluate the ABEP of all three Rake structures in the realistic UWB channels using Exponential-Lognormal model.
Comite organizador, Conferencia sobre la Historia de la Poblacion de America Latina, IUSSP y ABEP, Ouro-Preto, Brasil.
Robert Avant, executive director of the ABEP, told this newspaper.