ABERGAcademic Biomedical Engineering Research Group (workshop)
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Aberg plays with our minds, twisting perception and reality and masterfully incorporating video projections to convey adulteress Vittoria's portrayal of herself in this harsh narcissistic world.
Cellulose-reinforced clay techniques were coming to the fore at roughly the same time and Aberg attended Rosette Gault's Paper Clay workshop in Denmark in 1994.
That's why we chose Latvia and the city of Ventspils," said Aberg.
Jim Aberg, who chairs the LRGHealthcare board, noted that at the last year's meeting the board of trustees wasn't talking about the economy--they were talking about projects they had hoped to have started by now.
His pal Christopher Aberg, a British Gas adviser, admitted starting "Rooney, Rooney" football-style chants directed at Corsi.
Psychological stress downregulates epidermal antimicrobial peptide expression and increases severity of cutaneous infections in mice Aberg K, Radek KA, Choi EH, Kim DK, Demerjian M, Hipe M, Kerblewski J, Gallo RL, Ganz T, Mauro T, Feingold KR and Elias PM J Clin Invest, 2007, 117, 3339-3349
Doug Aberg, director of patient care services, Roze Room Hospice of the Valley.
Technology leadership is an important part of Transmode's value proposition," continued Magnus Aberg, Transmode's CTO.
Lynn Rex, executive director, League of Nebraska Municipalities; Julie Aberg Robison, councilmember-at-large, Cary, N.
In our patient and in one described by Aberg et al, (6) initial treatment for presumed Mycobacterium tuberculosis was given under the assumption that MTB is most frequently involved in vertebral and paravertebral infections.
When Jeffrey Becom and his partner, Sally Jean Aberg, set out to remodel this dilapidated 1930s bungalow in Pacific Grove, California, their main priority was to update the home by using color to help call attention to and define key architectural features.
Ralph Erskine with Lars Wilson (project leader), Jonas Claeson, Vernon Gracie, Dina Hermelin, Jan Liedstrom, Johannes Toavatt, Lena SjobergNilsson, Jorgen Wohlert, Ingemar Gustafson, Bo Berggren, Bo Olsson, Simon Scheiwiller, Per Nystrom, Ronnie Kristola, Hans Aberg