ABESAssociação Brasileira de Engenharia Sanitária E Ambiental (Brazilian Association for Sanitation and Environmental Engineering)
ABESAgence Bibliographique de l'enseignement Supérieur (France)
ABESAssociação Brasileira de Empresas de Software (Brazil)
ABESAmerican Board of Eye Surgery
ABESAlliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions
ABESAssociation pour le Bien Etre Social (French)
ABESAmended Budget Estimate Submission
ABESAssociation for Broadcast Engineering Standards
ABESAustralian Biological and Environmental Survey
References in classic literature ?
Suppose, again, that upon the pretense of an interference with its revenues, it should undertake to abrogate a landtax imposed by the authority of a State; would it not be equally evident that this was an invasion of that concurrent jurisdiction in respect to this species of tax, which its Constitution plainly supposes to exist in the State governments?
It is the law of nature--no man-made law can abrogate the laws of God.
In the midst of abuses, in the heart of cities, in the aisles of false churches, alike in one place and in another,--wherever, namely, a just and heroic soul finds itself, there it will do what is next at hand, and by the new quality of character it shall put forth it shall abrogate that old condition, law or school in which it stands, before the law of its own mind.
Du-seen rose not so long ago," he said, "that I do not recall him well, and recently he has taken it upon himself to abrogate the ancient laws of Caspak; he had had intercourse with the Kro-lu.