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The ABFA reports that there were total advances to businesses of PS16bn, an increase of 2% on the same quarter last year.
ABFA further revealed that the level of turnover from British and Irish companies using invoice finance currently stands at pounds 62.
Credit protection payments by ABFA members to their clients have also continued to decline, dropping by 27 per cent over the last year to total [pounds sterling]4.
The estimated average annual turnover of an ABFA member's client has grown by 12.
Kate Sharp, the Chief Executive of the ABFA, said, "This is the good news we've been waiting for.
Kate Sharp, chief executive of ABFA, stated that, Martin has long been an influential figure in the industry, not only by being head of a large provider but also through his previous work with the ABFA as chair of the educational committee.
Despite such optimistic growth estimates, however, companies take a gloomy view of the overall economic prospect, with 92 per cent of those questioned for the ABFA survey predicting that conditions will remain unchanged a further five per cent expecting them to worsen.
This is the first time the ABFA has asked its members to predict industry growth, and the results demonstrate an air of cautious optimism.
McAdams also noted ABFA member companies Dynamic Fuels and Solazyme successfully delivered the fuel used today which included a mixture of Solazyme's algae-based fuel and fuel developed from used cooking oil and non-food-grade animal fats by Dynamic Fuels.
The ABFA series comes at the start of a milestone-making couple of weeks for America's domestic biofuels industry that will have ABFA President Michael McAdams testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee; the Department of Energy hosting its annual conference Biomass 2012: Confronting Challenges, Creating Opportunities - Sustaining a Commitment to Bioenergy; executives of the ABFA member companies meeting in Washington, D.