ABFCAlaska Boreal Forest Council
ABFCA Bee Friendly Company (Cheyenne, WY)
ABFCAviation Boatswain's Mate Fuel Handler Chief Petty Officer (US Navy)
ABFCAdvance Base Functional Component (US Navy)
ABFCArtmedia Bratislava Football Club
ABFCAviation Boatswain's Mate Fuels, Chief Petty Officer (US Navy Rating)
ABFCAmerican Board of Forensic Counseling
ABFCThe Addison Brodrick Fan Club
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The procedure proceeds to form the ABFC and ABFL of each iterative.
Therefore, we preferably modify the ABFC into helix antenna rather than loop antenna.
This year's programme at ABFC is set to feature sideline sessions which will offer in-depth, focused discussions on topical issues as part of the ABFC initiative to generate take-home practical solutions that will see the industry reach its critical mass.
Industry Leaders' Perspectives on the Africa's Banking Industry and its Impact on Growth and Development' is a popular session at ABFC.
The dedication of the ten crew members of ABFC Roebuck Bay is an example of the outstanding work being done to protect our borders and marine environment from the illegal activities that attempt to exploit our natural resources, Commissioner Quaedvlieg said.
The Public Warning Notice alleges ABFC has made false or misleading representations about the services capability and quality, and the role the service has played in assisting small businesses gain government grant funding.
The website also prominently features a range of success stories from actual Australian small businesses, but when those businesses were contacted by the ACCC, they said the stories were used without their permission and that they had not obtained any government funding via ABFC.
A Queensland Police vessel initially sighted the two fishing vessels south east of Cape Direction, and following contact with MBC, with an Australian Border Force Dash-8 aircraft was able to locate and identify the vessels, before HMAS Childers and ABFC Roebuck Bay boarded and apprehended the vessels shortly after.
Each ABFC was conceived with a specific table of equipment designed to enable an ABFC to fulfill its intended mission.
One of the principal taskings of NSD Clearfield was to assemble this table of equipment for the various ABFCs in the Pacific theater of operations.
The senior enlisted Navy personnel on board are an SKC and an ABFC.