ABFHAccounting Business and Financial History (journal)
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Full-wave EM analysis was performed with FEM solver of ANSYS HFSS[TM] v.13 for [K.sub.2] ABFH antenna in band 2GHz-8GHz.
Compared with the empirical formula [Z.sub.in] = [R.sub.in] [approximately equal to] 140 x [C.sub.[lambda]] given by Kraus [24] for a side-fed CHA, [K.sub.2] ABFH antenna has lower value due to impedance transformation of fractal geometry and coaxial cable.
The multi-resonance properties of [K.sub.2] ABFH antenna are summarized in Table 2 for highlighting the fractal features.
As presented in Table 2, adjacent frequency ratio [[delta].sub.n] of [K.sub.2] ABFH antenna is not equal to the fractal scale ratio [[sigma].sub.n] of ABFL but varies from 1.274 to 1.812, because the four matched bands, as shown in Figure 17, are not identical modes engendered by the fractal iteration.
Just like CHAs, [K.sub.2] ABFH operates in axial mode also with an equivalent loop circumference of about 1.1 x [lambda].
Nevertheless, the literature emanating from such communities has commonly appeared in special issues of international journals [Fleischman and Radcliffe, 2005], including the individual special issues of ABFH devoted to France, Italy, and Spain, or special issues devoted to settings unrelated to the industrial revolution as, for example, the single AH issue on religion [Carmona and Ezzamel, 2006].
For this analysis, we selected the three specialist, international, accounting-history journals, AHJ, ABFH, and AH.
After reviewing AHJ, ABFH, AH, RCCA, and DC, we selected 494 papers written by 783 authors, accumulated from more than a dozen different countries and a mean of 1.6 authors per paper.
Table 2 provides the same information for ABFH, with 153 articles authored by 232 authors or 1.5 authors per paper.
The papers published in ABFH were mainly devoted to 19th and 20th century material, comprising 75% of all works.
ABFH and AHJ were the journals of most frequent placement for biographical studies with eight and 11 articles respectively during the decade.
1, 1998); an ABFH number on the history of accounting professionalization (Vol.