ABFHAccounting Business and Financial History (journal)
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2] ABFH antenna has lower value due to impedance transformation of fractal geometry and coaxial cable.
2] ABFH antenna are summarized in Table 2 for highlighting the fractal features.
2] ABFH antenna is not equal to the fractal scale ratio [[sigma].
2] ABFH operates in axial mode also with an equivalent loop circumference of about 1.
34 GHz turn counter-clockwise and clockwise alternately on the ABFH loop with about 1 x [[lambda].
2] ABFH antenna achieves multiband multimode operation on trade-off of bandwidth decrease and size increment at fundamental band.
After reviewing AHJ, ABFH, AH, RCCA, and DC, we selected 494 papers written by 783 authors, accumulated from more than a dozen different countries and a mean of 1.
Table 2 provides the same information for ABFH, with 153 articles authored by 232 authors or 1.
The papers published in ABFH were mainly devoted to 19th and 20th century material, comprising 75% of all works.
ABFH was the leading journal publishing papers on the 20th century (50%).
AH and AHJ had 70 papers each devoted to private organizations while ABFH championed the public sector with 28 articles.
Leading the way was AHJ (64 or 35% of all published papers), followed closely by ABFH and AH (61 and 56 papers or 34% and 31%, respectively).