ABFLA Big Fat Lady
ABFLAdvanced Business Facilities Limited
ABFLAdvantage Bermuda Fund Ltd
ABFLAsian Brown Flycatcher
ABFLAnnular Blast Fragmentation Laser
ABFLAftab Bahumukhi Farm Limited
ABFLAuke Bay Fisheries Lab (NOAA)
ABFLAdvisory Board on Family Law (UK)
ABFLAssociacao Beneficiente Frei Luiz
ABFLAssociation of British Foam Laminators
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5) ABFL antenna of each iteration commonly has two fundamental radiation modes, namely Mode #2 (H-polarization) and Mode #3 (V-polarization).
i]-iterated (i [greater than or equal to] 1) ABFL antenna operates in multiband of integral wavelength.
2] ABFL (green) has larger bandwidth, more uniform impedances, and higher gain in Mode #1, Mode #2, and Mode #3 than [K.
Hereunto, we can conclude that ABFL is a more desirable fractal loop than Minkowski Loop due to the fact that it keeps considerable area when perimeter grows infinitely.
ABFL antenna peculiarly presents multiband multimode traits with resonance compression just when [K.
2] ABFL is then configured into a wire helix called Arched Bow-shaped Fractal Helix (ABFH) antenna with a copper disc ground.
The total number of arc segments of ABFL and rectilinear segments of ML of successive iteration is:
From Equations (3) and (4), we can get overall arc length of ABFL of each iterative easily as follows:
According to definition of box dimension [3,9], we obtain fractal dimensions of ABFL and ML as follows: