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ABFPAmerican Board of Family Practice
ABFPAmerican Board of Forensic Psychology
ABFPAppropriate Breast Feeding Practices
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By Claude DeShazo, MD, CPE, FACPE Ronald Fessenden, MD, MPH and Peter Schock, MD, ABFP
Because Process B physicians "generally do not maintain practices with continuity of care and therefore do not qualify for office record review," the ABFP also eliminated the procedure for office record review, he added.
In the end, the Congress of Delegates approved two resolutions: one asking the academy and the ABFP to jointly develop a plan to educate AAFP members about the new process; and one urging the ABFP to suspend the SAMs, to develop a better mechanism for beta testing the process, and to develop an alternative testing plan for members who have unreliable Internet access.
Most likely, the ABFP will find that a large number of older, more rural physicians such as myself will opt out of their program as we are under no constraints to remain certified for office or hospital practice, and none of our third-party insurance requires board certification.
The upcoming decision by the ABFP is especially important as the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Pediatrics, and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology are currently in the process of adding their own CAQs in sleep medicine.
Haun, MD, ABFP, ABMM, Vice President of Medical Affairs, St.
In addition to providing in-training exams with CME, ABFP Guides, clinical and research journals, drug information, MedLine searches and breaking medical news, FamilyPractice.
The trouble is, although the ABFP claims that each module will take 15 hours a year to complete, many of our peers report that it takes significantly longer.
Since the demographics of the responders in this study are similar to the demographics of physicians in ABFP and the responders and nonresponders have a similar geographic distribution, we are confident that our sample is representative of the target population.
com is an initiative of MLCI, an organization committed to serving the needs of family physicians and their patients by providing ABFP resources and leading-edge technology.
Regression analysis (Table 3) showed that having over 40% older adults in one's practice, completing a residency, ABFP diplomate status, and being aware of either AHCPR guideline remained independently associated with higher knowledge scores.