ABFTAmerican Board of Forensic Toxicology
ABFTAtlantic Bluefin Tuna
ABFTAlgorithm-Based Fault Tolerance
ABFTAmy Biehl Foundation Trust (South Africa)
ABFTAbaft (naval terminology)
ABFTAssociation of British Fire Trades (UK)
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Effective 1 December 2016, the ABFT accreditation encompasses post-mortem and human performance toxicology analysis and covers driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol (DUID) testing, added the company.
Following the receipt of the ABFT accreditation and Title 17 recognition from the California Department of Public Health, the company said its forensic laboratory will deliver innovative and timely testing services.
In the end, "everybody got significantly better; [the] ABFT [group] just did better," Dr.
For example, 87% (30) in the ABFT group met criteria for clinical recovery from suicidal ideation, compared with 52% (16) in the community care group.
Depression remission rates also were significantly better in the ABFT group (J.
To meet ISO 9000 and 14001, the CAP, and ABFT standards, tracing and documenting all calibration activities is necessary.
2007), ABFT was greatly influenced by emotion-focused therapy (Johnson, Hunsley, Greenberg, & Schindler, 1999; Greenberg & Johnson, 1998), and by contextual family therapy (Boszormenyi-Nagy & Krasner, 1986), and focuses on multiple psychological (e.
The Chemistry Unit's Toxicology Program sought accreditation with ABFT in order to invite outside forensic toxicologists to thoroughly evaluate the practices and procedures the unit follows in the discipline of forensic toxicology.
Both quantitation and validation are important components of the ABFT accreditation.
Fewer than 30 laboratories throughout North America are currently accredited by ABFT.
companies in Turkey, ABFT has remained focused on this objective through advocacy and business development initiatives.