ABGAAmerican Boer Goat Association
ABGAArterial Blood Gas Analysis (blood test)
ABGAAmerican Brussels Griffon Association
ABGAAnti-Basal Ganglia Antibody
ABGAArkansas Boer Goat Association
ABGAAustralian Blind Golfers Association
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The ABGA showed pH 7.40, pCO[sub]2 32.0 mmHg, PaO[sub]2 70.4 mmHg, HCO[sub]3 20.8 mmol/L, and SpO[sub]2 96% on room air.
Abga said that the orphanage does not give the orphans up for adoption, but trains them to tertiary level.
The majority of ABGA students are in middle and high school, although Ward, who serves as the school's principal, is seeing an increase in the number of homeschooling families with elementary-age students who've chosen to enroll their children.
Thanks to the action of the Lagle naab a Abga, the evenings of folktales in villages were given a new lease of life on Burkina's National Radio from the sixties.
Urbanization and a labor shortage also have affected the ABGA, which packages the blueberries from farms and ships them to be sold at retail stores across the nation.
PAC Incorporated of DE PAC Firm Number PAC Name Senate Ticket Number 1 First Interstate Texas 14,500 abga 1 Leadership Funds/Federal 2 Home Savings of America 34,950 ahm 2 PAC 3 American Information 43,597 ait 3 Technologies Corp.
On August 3, the helicopter was heading back from Buram locality and made an emergency landing in Abga Ragil area, 50 kilometers southeast of Nyala, due to bad weather conditions.
Grace a l'action du Lagle naab a Abga, les soirees de contes au village ont pu trouver une nouvelle jeunesse sur les ondes de la radiodiffusion nationale du Burkina depuis les annees 60.
In South Darfur for example, Radio Dabanga reported (March 18, 2013) that "some 4,000 people in South Darfur were displaced after having their villages 'burnt by aerial bombings by the Sudanese air force' during last week's battles." Eight villages were burned, adding to a figure that over the past ten years has grown into the thousands--villages with names, not mere abstract statistics: Tabaldia, along with Abga Radji, Hashaba, Makarin, Um Sayala, Humedah, Sonnut, and Hillet Saleh.
He went on to say that the army will block rebels from Abga Rajil area in South Darfur and accused rebels of planning attacks on capital cities of South Darfur, North Darfur and West Darfur.