ABGBAllgemeines Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch
ABGBAmalgamated Beverages Great Britain Limited (Coca-Cola Enterprises; UK)
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Mr Gulbir Bhatia, Managing Director at Prime ABGB said, "The ASUS X99 Deluxe is a good example of what a motherboard should be like.
(3) <<Einem Gesetze darf in der Anwendung kein anderer Verstand beigelegt werden, als welcher aus der eigentumlichen Bedeutung der Worte in ihrem Zusammenhange und der klaren Absicht des Gesetzgebers hervorleuchtet>> (ABGB, Einleitung [seccion] 6).
OnlySSD.com caters SSDs to both end customer and enterprise segment.Prime ABGB is providing after sales service and support for 12 premium brands of SSDs currently and will keep adding newer premium brands in the near future.
From innumerable sources it could be shown that natural law has from the earliest times, as far as we have written sources, been obviously "evident to reason," as [section] 16 of the ABGB still affirms.
(170) It is comparable to Part I of the ALR, except that the ABGB also covers matrimonial law and the law of parents and children.
* Allegemeines Burgerliches Gesetzbuch fur die Gesammten Deutschen Erblander der Osterreichischen Monarchie o Codigo General Civil para todos los Territorios Hereditarios Alemanes de la Monarquia Austriaca de 1811 (Dezza, 1998) (ABGB).
These time limits vary considerably, namely from three years (Article 2276(2) French Code civil, [section] 1466 Austrian ABGB), to ten years ([section] 937 par.
Table 1: Recent legal regimes governing tenancy contracts in Europe COUNTRY LAW in DURATION force during the period studied Austria ABGB (Civil Code) Minimum duration of 3 (1811) and MRG (1981) years as a specific Statute Belgium Statute of 1991 Minimum duration of 3 (comprehensive years amendment in 1997) Denmark Rent Act (consolidated No minimum duration is as Act 347 of 14/05/ established by the 2001).
[sections] 833 ABGB (Aus.) (stating that majority rule is sufficient for ordinary management and use); id.