ABGDAmerican Board of General Dentistry (Seminole, FL)
ABGDAir Base Ground Defense
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Achaz, "ABGD, Automatic Barcode Gap Discovery for primary species delimitation," Molecular Ecology, vol.
Caption: Figure 4: Results of ABGD analysis for each gene.
Overseas, a variety of existing arrangements for ABGD are explicitly recognized by international agreements.
The objective of this Agreement is to develop combat forces for ABGD to ensure Air Force sortie generation and missile launch capability.
The tasks of the JABGDWG are to monitor, coordinate, examine, and report to the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans and the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans and Operations on the actions necessary to ensure the implementation of policies and preparation of forces for ABGD.
Developing joint doctrine for rear battle, to include ABGD.
Coordinating proposed changes in ABGD concepts, doctrine, and force structure.
The Army is responsible for providing forces for ABGD operations outside the boundaries of designated USAF bases and installations.
When assigned the ABGD mission to counter the level I and level II threats to specific USAF bases or installations, Army forces will be under the operational control of those Air Force base or installation commanders.
Within 90 days of approval of this Agreement, the Army will provide a transition plan to the JABGDWG for a time-phase[d] transfer of responsibility for external ABGD. Transfer will start 1 October 1985.