ABGFAsian Beat Grand Final (band competition)
ABGFAxiom Balanced Growth Fund
ABGFAfrican Burial Ground Foundation (New York)
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ABGFs mission is to manage state guarantee funds and to insure or provide guarantees against non-marketable risks in priority areas of economic and social interest.
Although the government has announced that ABGF will only focus on risks and segments where there is little or no capacity, it will take some time before there is more clarity on AGBF's eventual scope and Fitch will be closely monitoring developments and their potential consequences.
All state-owned agencies and members of the 'Association of International Union of Credit & Investment Insurers' which is also called as the 'Berne Union' and 'Prague Club' are the five export credit agencies of BRICS countries, such as the ABGF (Brazilian Fund and Guarantee Management Agency), EXIAR (Export Insurance Agency of Russia), ECGC (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd), SINOSURE (China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation) and ECIC (Export Credit Insurance Corporation of South Africa Ltd).