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ABGSArterial Blood Gas Studies
ABGSAvrupa Birligi Genel Sekreterligi (Secretariat General for E.U. Affairs, Turkey)
ABGSAditya Birla Group Scholarship (India)
ABGSAjami Bedard Gagnon Sexton (engineering; Canada)
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The change in ABG was modeled using the change score approach.
Successful closure of the tympanic cavity could be achieved in 26 (89.6%) cases, reaching a gap change of 15.1 dB on average and a residual ABG of 17.2 dB.
Salmon et al, in a retrospective comparative study, found that patients with a preoperative ABG <25 dB had significantly smaller postoperative ABGs and lower air-conduction thresholds when compared with those with a preoperative ABG >25dB.
Lippy at al published a series of 136 patients with ABGs <10 dB, showing that a pure-tone audiogram overclosure of [greater than or equal to] 0 dB can be consistently achieved in cases in which a Robinson stainless steel stapes prosthesis with vein graft is used.
With ABGs, compensation may be full/complete, partial, or not present.
Therefore, these ABGs demonstrate metabolic alkalosis.
ABGS provides engineering, procurement and construction management services in eastern Canada.
The cooperation between ABGS (to be continued under the name Jaakko Poyry ABGS Inc) and the Jaakko Poyry Group's Forest Industry business group was to begin immediately with an EUR11m engineering project for Papier Gaspesia Inc, Jaakko Poyry said.
Of 824 patients screened, 458 were eligible and 399 consented, and 278 had ABG drawn initially.
The three components of ABG evaluation are pH, PaC[O.sub.2] and HC[O.sub.3]- (see Table 1).