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ABHActual Bodily Harm
ABHAmerican Board of Hypnotherapy
ABHAlexander Brown Hall (University of Ibadan; Nigeria)
ABHAtivan, Benadryl, and Haldol (gel)
ABHAnywhere But Here (fan fiction mode)
ABHAnyone but Hillary (slogan)
ABHAlways Be Happy
ABHAgentschap voor Buitenlandse Handel
ABHAviation Boatswain's Mate (aircraft handling) (USN Rating)
ABHArmed Black Hawk (helicopter; Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.)
ABHA Barbadian's Head (pirate flag)
ABHAutonomous Bass Heads (band)
ABHAlien Bounty Hunter (The X-Files)
ABHAvailable Bandwidth Histogram
ABHANZA Borehole Experiment (seismic study)
ABHAssociation des Bibliothèques d'Hôpitaux (French: Hospital Libraries Association)
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6) En los casos en los que la ABH afecta el paladar blando y la ampolla ha reventado, se recomienda el uso de profilaxis antibiotica y enjuagues antisepticos, como el digluconato de clorhexidina en concentraciones de 0,25% o 0,12%, para ayudar a reducir los sintomas y evitar una infeccion secundaria.
He said it was not an ABH case "in a million years", and the level of charging had done the victim "a real dis-service.
Principle of hemagglutination inhibition test: ABH substances present in soluble form in fluids (e.
In view of the well-known tendencies of Zn (II) to form tetrahedral complexes [6, 29, 30], same structure may be proposed for Zn (II) ABH complexes with ABH acting as bidentate ligand.
Patrick, 20, was convicted of conspiring to hold a person in servitude, as well as false labour and ABH charges.
Patrick Connors, 20, was convicted of conspiring to hold a person in servitude, as well as false labour and ABH charges.
Khalid Pervez, general secretary, ABH, said: "This was a long awaited directive from the GACA which is extremely vital to address the chaotic situation seen specifically during the Hajj period where every year thousands of pilgrims suffer extreme pain, misery, and mental anguish due to delays and cancellations of flights, poor management, and other violations by some airlines.
Shamina Yousuf, 42, is charged with trafficking into the country and ABH.
As a member of the behavioral health task force, ABH is working with AOS to link veterans and their families to quality behavioral health services.
The issuer will use the proceeds from the offering to fund ABH Miratorg's working capital and projects, including the refinancing of LLC Miratorg Finance's existing RUB1.
31SBC59: Xabia, isla del Portitxol, -0,4 m, 18-III-1984, esteril, Boisset, VAL-Algae 2248; Xabia, cap de Sant Antoni, -0,2 m, 18-II-2007, tetrasporofito y gametofito femenino, Pena-Martin & Garrigos, ABHAlgae 584; ibidem, zona rompiente de plataforma, 18-II-2007, tetrasporofito y gametofito femenino, Pena-Martin & Garrigos, ABH-Algae 588; Xabia, cap de Sant Antoni, el Tango, -1-6 m, 13VIII-2008, esteril, Garrigos & Pena-Martin, ABH-Algae 683; ibidem, -3-8 m, 06-XII-2008, esteril, Villagordo & Garrigos, ABH Algae 675.
The C-2A plane captain gave the "up and ready" signal to the ABH and relinquished control of the aircraft.