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ABHActual Bodily Harm
ABHAmerican Board of Hypnotherapy
ABHAnywhere But Here (fan fiction mode)
ABHAgentschap voor Buitenlandse Handel
ABHAviation Boatswain's Mate (aircraft handling) (USN Rating)
ABHArmed Black Hawk (helicopter; Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.)
ABHA Barbadian's Head (pirate flag)
ABHAutonomous Bass Heads (band)
ABHAlien Bounty Hunter (The X-Files)
ABHAvailable Bandwidth Histogram
ABHANZA Borehole Experiment (seismic study)
ABHAssociation des Bibliothèques d'Hôpitaux (French: Hospital Libraries Association)
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ABH has also participated in heritage projects in recent years.
Specifically, the partnership between AOS and ABH will help implement several important programs:
ABH has recently worked with organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health, and the Foundation for Female Health Awareness.
Another man Craig Sterio, 31, also from Ely, will be tried along with the pair on charges of intimidation, robbery and causing ABH.
According to ABH 1 (AW) Marlowe Durmiendo, Young's attaining her goal of being a flight deck director has encouraged other female airmen in the division to work for the same goal.
It is a matter of life or death,' said Birmingham-based GP Dr Sayed Raza Hussain, who is a senior member of the ABH.
one from the Spice Girls, has been charged with ABH at a zoo.
Three groups of fifth-grade students classified as either At-Risk + ABH (n = 35), At-Risk Only (n = 34), or Controls (n = 35) were contrasted on protective and risk factors from third-grade using multivariate analyses.
This from a man who once crunched Paul Gascoigne's personal effects, was sent off 13 times in his career and did 100 hours of community service after being found guilty of ABH.
Companies mentioned include DETC, ABH, PRY, ITII, ULTX, ALRM, AIT, TYC, CKP, PZB.
Will Assistant FBI Director Walter Skinner cut a deal with CSM so the ABH will cure Scully, the way he saved Mulder's mom?
This is a very exciting transaction for Safeguard since Shire announced that it was going to acquire ABH the night before ABH was scheduled to go public," said Peter J.