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ABHAIAssociation of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India
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After agreeing on a preliminary deal with the Duncans, Abhai Singh flew to New York to visit a friend and await his wife's arrival, while his daughter returned to India.
At press time, Abhai Singh was still in New York, grounded after the attacks on the World Trade Center, and awaiting a return flight to Arkansas.
The Duncans don't know when Abhai Singh will be able to return, but when he does, the real work will begin.
According to Jeff Duncan, Abhai Singh hopes his sales reps will find plenty of Indians eager to use Amenda candles as decorations and instruments of worship in two major holiday celebrations before the year is over.
Abhai and Monika Singh also checked our the Duncans.
Abhai Jain was jailed for 18 months, Shami Jain (43), of Gloucester Road, Brockhouse Estate, Walsall, was sentenced to 12 months and Sanjay Jain (35), of Westover Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, nine months.
During the scam the money was siphoned off and kept in various bank accounts, many of which belonged to Abhai Jain.
The story of Gobind Singh's contact with Sodhi Kavalnain and his grandson Abhai Ram, apocryphal or not, hints at the strong Mina following in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Malva and the importance to that following of the ascetic Divana sadhs.
48) Indeed, two of the major literary figures in the later Mina and Divana traditions come from Malva: Darbari Das (a follower of Abhai Ram) came from the village Vairoke near Moga and had a following which extended throughout Malva and into Doaba; and Baba Ram Das, a major Divana writer of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, was from Patiala.
Although only three volumes of the janamsakhi (the Sachkhand, Hariji, and Chaturbhuj pothis) are extant, the colophons indicate that three more volumes - the Keso Rai, Abhai pad, and Prem pad pothis - were also written.
The end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries, though, witness a flowering of literary production among two of the Mina groups in Malva: the Divanas and the followers of Abhai Ram based in and around the village of Kotha Guru.
According to Darbari Das, the line of succession is as follows: Nanak, Angad, Amardas, Ramdas, Arjan, Sahib (Prithi Chand), Miharban (Manohar Das), Hariji, Harinarain, Kavalnain, Harinanda, Abhai Ram and Didar Das, see Bhai Darbari Das, Bhai Darbari Das rachit Parchia bhagta kia (Pothi Harijas viccho), ed.