ABHASAction Beyond Help and Support (Delhi, India)
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Musicians featured on "Moonshot" are Geoffrey Lewis on vocals and guitar; Brendan Lattin (U.S.) on bass; drummer Abhas Maskey (Nepal); and Zoe Yungmi Blank (U.S.) on violin.
"Reconstruction after the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan took a bit less than five years, I would expect reconstruction here to last five years," said Abhas Jha, programme leader at the East Asia disaster risk management unit of the World Bank.
Abhas Gupta was Gulati's copilot aboard the aircraft.
Five essays lay out the scriptural basis of the figure of Abraham, tracing the narratives through the Hebrew Bible (Rainer Kessler), the Second Testament (Florian Wilk), the Qur'an (Abhas Poya), and the rabbinic tradition (Matthias Morgenstern).
Abhas Kumar, son of Sanjay Ram from Beur locality of Patna, made a video call to his girlfriend late on Sunday night, threatening to commit suicide as he placed a pistol to his head.
Born in a Bengali family in Khandwa, Central Provinces (now in Madhya Pradesh) as Abhas Kumar Ganguly on August 4, 1929, the legendary singer dominated the Hindi music industry for several decades.
World Bank urban development expert Abhas Jha said he hopes the report will push policy makers to a shift from a "car centric" to a "people centric" strategy in growing cities like Jakarta and Bangkok.
It is a tribute show dedicated to the Bollywood heroes of a bygone era, including Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand with a live performance by the Voice of India fame Abhas Joshi and his band.
Abhas Kumar, a student said, "Death punishment in India is necessary to warn and evoke fear in the minds of people.