ABHEAssociation for Biblical Higher Education
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In considering the entire ABHE, one must also consider the thermal resistance of the air bearing gap, which can be calculated using Fourier's Law as [R.
To better understand the fluid dynamics in the heat-sink-impeller of the ABHE, we developed a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model using ANSYS CFX.
The ABHE, invented for volume-constrained CPU cooling applications, has been shown to have unprecedented compactness and thermal performance.
9 in] diameter prototype ABHEs with fin heights of approximately 25 mm [1.
ABHE Chairman briefed the delegation on Special and General Accreditation Standards to cope up with latest educational developments to control the quality of higher education in Jordan.
Smith says the ABHE is committed to raising new support to keep the institute going.
the institute's director and vice president for academic affairs at Savannah State, says ABHE does not intend to operate in a vacuum.
Two major focus areas for ABHE are mentoring and professional development.
The ABHE provides many functions, including: 1) Promoting excellence among institutions and programs of biblical higher education through the process of accreditation, 2) Promoting cooperation among member and affiliate institutions and the larger higher education community, 3) Promoting the distinctives of biblical higher education to the higher education community, the church and society, and 4) Providing services that will stimulate excellence among administrators, board members, faculty, and students at member and affiliate institutions.