ABHEAssociation for Biblical Higher Education
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The ABHE represents a unique type of active enhancement because the enhancement mechanism (associated with the rotation of the heat-sink-impeller) is also necessary for establishing relative motion between the heat sink fins and ambient air and moving the air through the system.
We performed several experiments to measure the performance of the ABHE. First, we used a custom-built apparatus to measure the fan curves of the device at various speeds.
In considering the entire ABHE, one must also consider the thermal resistance of the air bearing gap, which can be calculated using Fourier's Law as [R.sub.gap]=[b.sub.gap]/k*[A.sub.base], where [b.sub.gap] is the air gap thickness, k is the thermal conductivity of air, and [A.sub.base] is the area of the impeller base.
Tarawneh told Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Universities Federation Faisal Hajj and the accompanying delegation the ABHE had prepared a guide to regulate the accreditation procedure for medical colleges in Jordan.
ABHE has decided to send experts and lecturers in the field of accreditation and quality to the Sudanese higher education institutions in order benefit from their experiments in this regard.
ABHE Chairman briefed the delegation on Special and General Accreditation Standards to cope up with latest educational developments to control the quality of higher education in Jordan.
The ABHE, whose vision is to "become the premier organization to address leadership, access and vital issues concerning Blacks in higher education," has followed the same course.
ABHE board members have held two other meetings and spent several months researching other higher education groups to find a niche for their new organization.
Smith says the ABHE is committed to raising new support to keep the institute going.
This article focuses in particular on the early ninth-century context, when monasteries such as Beit Abhe were intentionally training East Syrian missionaries for various areas of Asia, including India and China.
He details some of the locations for which metropolitan appointments were being made as well as discussing the matter of choosing monks, including from Beit Abhe, for mission assignments.