ABHMSAmerican Baptist Home Mission Society
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Because many of the black Baptists in Texas and throughout the South had been educated in ABHMS-sponsored Freedman Schools and because the ABHMS had not supported slavery in the Baptist schism of 1845, Boyd's publishing venture not welcomed by the TNBC whose members did not want to break from the ABPS.
16) Other TNBC members accused Boyd of having deliberately broken the SBC and ABHMS Fortress Monroe Agreement of 1894.
He also fought for the preservation of Roger Williams University in Nashville when the ABHMS dosed it in 1907.
A September 1920 letter questioning Americanization, immigration, and missions confirmed that these topics were not theoretical discussions for the ABHMS.
When this letter was read aloud at the 1921 ABHMS annual meeting, those in attendance expressed a desire to bring the Russians to America, but as an organization the society could not legally donate funds to bring them to the United States.
Despite decreasing enrollment, the 1936 ABHMS report assumed "the school will continue to render a valued service for some time to come.
The Spanish-American seminary, also funded by the ABHMS, did not close until 1941.
The LaCreole church did not attend the next year's meeting in protest of Willamette's decision to promote Sunday Schools and to cooperate with the ABHMS and American Baptist Publication Society (ABPS).
The convention entered into a cooperative agreement with the ABHMS in 1870, engaged the services of a general missionary to establish new churches, expanded in 1871 to include the Washington Territory, and died in 1874.
Developing convention structure, programs, and cooperative agreements with the ABHMS spelled trouble as a more virulent stream of Landmarkism was developing in the Northwest.
The OBSC and ABHMS were charged with rejecting aid requests from "Regular" or "Strict" churches, in favor of "alien" churches, that is, those who accepted alien immersion.