ABHOWAmerican Baptist Homes of the West
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Each ABHOW community develops programs that meet the needs of its particular location.
ABHOW estimates the dollar value of each hour a volunteer contributes, based on each volunteer's duties, using an online calculator (one such calculator is available at www.
ABHOW publishes a yearly report consisting of data collected from all 30 communities.
GEOGRAPHIC DIVERSITY: ABHOW facilities are geographically diverse, competitively priced and have a long history of providing care in each of their service areas.
30, 2012 ABHOW Obligated Group plus Foundation (provides guaranty on the debt) had $94.
The ABHOW obligated group is comprised of eight continuing care retirement communities (CCRC) with a guaranty of American Baptist Homes Foundation of the West (the Foundation).
Although the debt incurred by non-obligated affiliates is non-recourse to ABHOW and secured only by the projects financed, continued financial support (direct or indirect) is dilutive to obligated group bondholders.
Management indicated that there has been interest from several banks and ABHOW will hold a credit meeting for potential banks in April.
Fitch believes ABHOW benefits from an experienced and long-tenured senior management team.
ABHOW is the sole corporate member to several non-obligated affiliates most of which develop and operate low and moderate-income senior rental housing facilities in California and Washington.
Fitch met with management and believes ABHOW benefits from an experienced and long tenured senior management team.
Founded in 1949, ABHOW is widely known for its pioneering leadership in senior housing and health care.