ABHPAmerican Board of Health Physics
ABHPAssociation of Black Health-System Pharmacists
ABHPApplied Behavioral Health Policy (Arizona State University)
ABHPAccount-Based Health Plan
ABHPAlgoma Breast Health Program (Canada)
ABHPAnti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program (Chad Waterbury workout program)
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abHp, an indicator for vehicular emissions [13, 25], was the highest level of the hopane series; therefore, it is likely that the major source of PAHs and hopanes was vehicular emissions.
Plots of atmospheric concentrations of abHp and TrisHp (Figure 3) showed that the data points for Hamilton and YGT showed high correlations ([r.sup.2] of 0.880 and 0.953, resp.).
Caption: Figure 3: Scatter plot of [alpha],[beta]-hopane (abHp) concentration versus trisnorhopane (TrisHp) concentration in PM10 collected at three different locations.
To welcome guests were Cyril Charzat, ABHP managing director, and Michael Tan, Asia Brewery chief operating officer.
Companies that successfully move employees into ABHPs save big, according to the Towers Watson survey.
With relatively nigh upfront deductibles and increased cost transparency at the point of care, ABHPs can be highly effective in raising consumer awareness and accountability.
The good news about ABHPs is that surveys consistently demonstrate that overall costs for these plans are lower for both employers and employees than other plan types.