ABHRAlcohol-Based Hand Rub (hygiene)
ABHRAortic-Banded Hypertensive Rat
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The consumption of ABHR products and handwash agents increased by 64.
In order to improve the HH facilities and make easy the access to HH instruments, our hospital changed 150 hand twist taps to non-hand twist taps, increased the number of paper towel and ABHR dispensers, and equipped all hands faucets with paper towels.
The most frequently reported methods of measuring compliance with HH are direct observation of the practice, measurement of the consumption of products used for HH, and electronic counters for dispensers of ABHR.
18) found that the amount of ABHR used increased from 3L/1000 patient-days to 30L/1000 patient-days when the overall HH compliance rate among HCWs increased from a baseline level of 38% to 63% after intervention.
Notably, wearing jewelry such as watches, bracelets, and some types of rings have been shown to inhibit the hygiene compliance with ABHR (Hautemaniere et al.
While this research demonstrates the feasibility of using this methodology in measuring HH events, we must caution the reader from overestimating the accuracy of this technique until field testing extends this monitoring system to other conditions such as when jewelry is worn, ABHR is used, and more participants are recruited.