ABI3Abscisic Acid Insensitive 3
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In the regulatory system "LEC1-ABI3", up- regulation of ABI3 in both Jatropha and Vernicia at fast accumulation stage seemed very likely concerned with ABI3's crucial roles in TAG accumulation and oil body stability (Crowe et al.
Meanwhile, ABI3 was negatively regulated by PKL both in seeds of Vernicia and Jatropha, which accords with its ABI3-repressing activity (Perruc et al.
Seed- specific transcription factors ABI3 and FUS3: molecular interaction with DNA.
The Role of ABI3 and FUS3 loci in Arabidopsis thaliana on phase transition from late embryo development to germination.
This said to us that ABI3 either stabilizes the messenger RNA molecules whose creation is triggered by ABA, or it somehow allows messenger RNA to continue to be synthesized during rehydration," he explained.