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ABIAAustin-Bergstrom International Airport
ABIAAssociação Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS (Brasil)
ABIAAssociação Brasileira das Indústrias da Alimentação (Portugese: Brazilian Association of the Industry of Chocolates and Candy)
ABIAAmerican Bankers Insurance Association
ABIAAustralian Bridal Industry Academy (est. 1998)
ABIAArizona Bioindustry Association (also seen as ABA)
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All commercial vehicles plying within Abia State shall be enumerated, digitally captured and registered for enhancement of security within the state.
He added, "The collective effort will enable us to engage the hands and minds of youths of Abia State for productive work.
Igwe KC Optimum Combination of Arable Crops and Selected Livestock Enterprises in Abia State, Nigeria: A Linear Programming Approach, PhD Dissertation Submitted to Post graduate School, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, 112p.
Hence, the literature identifies that infant mortality in Abia is high because of numerous variables.
H12: Parental encouragement significantly predicts re-entry into school by adolescents in Abia State, Nigeria.
ABIA will become part of Hub International New England LLC.
Brazilian and Indian activists from ABIA, SAHARA and the Lawyers Collective reasoned that a tenofovir patent in India would preclude Brazil from importing tenofovir or its constituent elements from Indian generic companies due to the resulting increase in prices for the proprietary version.
A total of 235 respondents were purposively selected to represent the study population, 200 non-librarians 35 librarians who are NLA members in Abia State.
A proximidade dos integrantes do Grupo Pela Vidda e ABIA permitiu desenvolver atividades conjuntas, compartilhando projetos politicos comuns, como a expansao de grupos organizados em diferentes cidades brasileiras e a concentracao de manifestacoes que procuravam sensibilizar a sociedade para a realidade da epidemia (22).
Free consultations and expert compliance guidance, publications, benchmarking tools and networking opportunities ensure that ABIA members get the information they need to grow business and increase revenue.
The Abia state police chief said police raided the clinic in Aba and found the pregnant girls, many in poor condition.
Hyacinth Orikara, a doctor at the Heda clinic in Aba in the southeastern state of Abia, was arrested along with the girls during a raid last weekend which followed a tip-off that infants were being "farmed" and sold, police said on Thursday.