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ABICAgricultural Biotechnology International Conference
ABICArmy Basic Instructor Course (US Army)
ABICAmerican Business Information Center (US Embassies)
ABICArmy Business Initiative Council
ABICAustralian Building Industry Contract
ABICArmy Battlefield Interface Concept
ABICAlexander Business Investment Consultants, Inc
ABICAutomated Battlefield Interface Concept
ABICAssociation Belge de l'Industrie du Caoutchouc (French: Belgian Rubber Industry Association; Belgium)
ABICAdaptive Bi-level Image Compression
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In collaboration with our partners, we have arranged significant investment opportunities during the 17th ABIC that are in line with the objectives of UAE Vision 2021, which aimed to build a competitive knowledge-based economy.
14 memorandum to principal officials of Headquarters, Department of the Army, on 52 initiatives reviewed by the ABIC Board of Directors for Cycle 8.
ABIC 2002, Saskatoon, SK, Agbiotech Foundation and Ag-West Biotech, Inc.
And ABIC was back in business in a little over a week.
ImageGear99 plug-ins expand AccuSoft's highly successful line of ImageGear extensions - DICOM, ART (AccuSoft advanced annotation support), FlashPix, automatic image correction ImageClean, and ABIC.
The third scheme incorporated a pluralistic approach that used the measures of the second model with the ABIC of the SOMPA (Mercer, 1979).
ABIC, a Swedish specialty chemicals distributor, will act as a regional hub, distributing products to adjacent Scandinavian countries, including Denmark.
ABIC aims to offer the distribution of periodic returns, targeting a cash dividend of up to 2.
To date the Secretary of the Army has approved a total of 79 ABIC initiatives.
A licensing deal has been inked between Australian pharmaceutical company QRxPharma and ABIC Marketing, the Israeli local arm of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, for the commercialization rights to immediately launch Moxduo in Israel.
4 million 60-kilogram bags, according to Nathan Herskowicz, the executive director of the Brazilian Coffee Industry Association, ABIC.