ABICSAsbestos Building Inspectors Certification Scheme (UK)
ABICSAda Based Integrated Control System
ABICSAssociation of British International Civil Servants
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Source ABICS Table 2 EXPORT OF BRAZILIAN SOLUBLE COFFEE TO EU 15 AND 10 NEW MEMBER COUNTRIES (1999-2004) * 1999 2000 2001 Mean 2002 2003 2004 Mean EU 15 5.9 7.1 8.3 7.1 11.0 11.6 10.6 11.1 NEW 10 1.3 2.0 3.5 2.3 4.0 4.0 3.0 3.6 TOTAL 7.2 9.1 11.8 9.4 15.0 15.6 13.6 14.7 * Thousands of tons of soluble coffe.
Brazilian coffee consumption has been increasing steadily in recent years largely due to the programs of ABIC the Brazilian Coffee Roasters Association and the Sao Paulo Union of Coffee Roasters headed by their dynamic president, Nathan Herszkowicz.
This recommendation is also part of the latest ABIC promotion among their roaster members called "PME," Program of Marketing Education.
In an effort to increase the internal market, the Varginha co-op has been working with the Brazilian Coffee Industries Association (ABIC) to provide coffee for school lunches.
ABIC and the Varginha co-op therefore hope that by providing coffee to school children, they will increase national consumption, encourage the preference for coffee as a beverage, and promote better learning among children.
The private sector of the CDPC as now officially constituted consists of three members from rural and agriculture groups (CNC and CNA), one from the Roasters Association (ABIC), one from the Soluble Association (ASICS), and one from exporters (FEBEC).
The Chamber is composed of appointed members of all segments of the Brazilian coffee trade; Cooperatives, Exporters (FEBEC), Producers (CNC and CNA), Rural Societies, Soluble Industry (ABICS) and Roaster Industry (ABIC).
The four founding members of the CBC board are: Oswaldo Aranha Neto, president of the Brazilian Coffee exporters Association (FEBEC); Suelly Amarantes, president of the Cooperative de Cafeicultores de Pocos de Caldas and president of the National Coffee Council (growers group); Evaldo Wachelke, president of the Brazilian Coffee Roasters Association (ABIC); and Sergio Coimbra, president of the Brazilian Soluble Coffee Industry (ABICS).
ABICS - Associacao Brasileira de Industria de Cafe Soluvel Brazilian Association of the Soluble Coffee Industry CNC - Conselho Nacional de Cafe National Coffee Counsil
ABIC - Associacao Brasileira da Industria de Torrefacao e Moagen de Cafe Brazilian Association of the Coffee Roasting Industry