ABIGAccess Bus Industry Group
ABIGAmerican Bankers Insurance Group
ABIGAustralian Business in the Gulf (now Australian Business Council Dubai)
ABIGAlliance Benefits Insurance Group (New Jersey)
ABIGAvrupa Birligi Iletisim Grubu (Turkish: European Union Contact Group)
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We have got abig squad so some will find themselves not in the 18 for some of the season if they are not careful.
ABig Banghas resulted in a deep impact with Hulu subscribers.
ABIG part of the bind that Labour now find themselves in is that the party's MPs know Jeremy Corbyn much better than its members do.
Niki Wardle is leading a campaign to launch abig play-ground clean-up at Wardley Park PICTURES: TIM MCGUINNESS
On the weekend's battle, Allen added: "It will be abig game for me personally and I know there will be pressure on me to play against him as he's in the same position as me for Wales.
Populated mainly by the Naxi people, Lijiang is lovingly referred to as the aBig Inkpota due to its network of canals that spread as if originating from an overturned pot of ink.
ABIG part of any Christmas Day is, of course, the festive dinner, so ensure your table is fit for royalty!
(ABIG) has announced that it has retained the First Boston Corp.
In addition, Cisco has made cloud computing infrastructure abig part of its ongoing strategy.
"Owners want to see their greyhoundsrunningfourtimes amonthandnotthengetting abig kennel bill when they do, andtrainersdesperatelyneed anothermeeting-preferably onB ags-tobeabletoeven thinkaboutmakingitpay .
ABIG hunt is going on for South Wales-born company director Dennis Howard Marks, a 28-year-old Oxford graduate, who disappeared after being bailed for pounds 50,000.
added:"We aredelighted to beworking withIHGandVirgin in developingthe opportunitiesforvisitorsfromChina, particularlyaswe have such abig contingentofChinese studentsin the city."Virgin Railis alsosteppingup its Virgin Trains is in regular dialogue with IHG and Liverpool businesses, and