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After she successfully got him to leave, she quickly went back into the passage and reappeared as Abigail again.
But after overcoming so much, Abigail, now 12, has been dealt another cruel blow and is battling Burkitt's Lymphoma having fallen ill last summer.
Abigail is a well-rounded character with realistic concerns.
And it's also good to hear that Abigail, from Berwick Hills, (my old neck of the woods) is today doing very well.
Clearing his father's name, Abigail said the Vice President has no hand in Poe's residency issue that heightened the conflict between both camps.
I could sense Abigail was in the background, controlling him.
Incredibly, Abigail won the contest for the third time in Killarney last year.
Abigail and her twin brother, Aaron, argue about how to handle the situation in which they find themselves.
Abigail, of Dewsbury, known to her family as Abbs Fabbs, died instantly when she was struck by a car on the pavement as she walked with her family.
It's over, she unfriended me on Facebook," Abigail said.
The Daily Sun described Abigail, now 15, as composed and relaxed during the visit that also included her mother and a family friend.
Abigail, a solicitor from Birmingham, completed the run in just over 12 hours - a full hour and 10 minutes before the next female runner.