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I could sense Abigail was in the background, controlling him.
Incredibly, Abigail won the contest for the third time in Killarney last year.
Abigail was with mum Nicola, sister Jessica, stepdad Keith Thackray and stepbrother Thomas, when the tragedy happened on April 18, 2010.
Her mother said it was hard to watch the number of days Abigail was missing increase in the newspaper's box, but that the publicity was reassuring.
Although she is a keen runner, this is one of the biggest challenges Abigail has ever faced, battling heavy rain and mud, climbing stiles and running up and down countless hills.
Abigail was found in a copse of trees nearby and emergency services called, but despite efforts to resuscitate her it was not possible to revive her.
But within a couple of weeks Abigail received a heart from a nine-month-old baby in a transplant operation at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.
But, finally off the oxygen she relied on to help her breathe, Abigail has been doing brilliantly at home with her family where they've enjoyed her first Christmas.
According to The Daily Express, Abigail said that her brother would break English hearts tonight.
Art and design student Abigail, 19, who has previous experience modelling for Merthyr College and designer Julien Mcdonald, said: "I would love to be Miss Wales because I am proud to be Welsh.
Yesterday Kevin and Abigail waved off workers from Crest Co-operative in Llandudno Junction, where Kevin is site manager, on their walk.
I woke Abigail up and she started jumping up and down, she was so excited.