ABIIAfter Burner Ii (video game)
ABIIAmerican Board of Imaging Informatics (Minnesota)
ABIIAlberta Brain Injury Initiative (est. 2000; Alberta Community Development; Alberta, Canada)
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The creation of a robust PED team within the ACE allowed the division to seamlessly tip and cue UAS based on sensor reporting received through the ABII, ground moving target indicators, and tactical reporting.
It is responsible for tracking the current enemy situation template and battlefield damage assessment and accomplished these tasks through the analysis of information provided by the PED team, ABII, and higher, lower, and adjacent units.
3 with its DCGS-A ABII in July following its HICOM mission, after recognizing the need for the unique capability it provided.
While the team was primarily engaged in the management of the Intelligence Center and execution of its Foundry mission, it dedicated a significant portion of days to solving the many problems and overcoming the constant friction associated with fielding and accrediting the ABII components of the DCGS-A System.
The process first required that the ABII system be updated and accredited by securing software upgrades and licenses outside of the normal fielding process.
Second, the Division undertook a search for applicable regulations, guides, handbooks, and examples to aid in the process with the project officer constantly coordinating with multiple stakeholders to produce the hundreds of pages of required standard operating procedures (SOPs) and separate documents for the single-source ABII, all-source ACE BLOCK II, and the cross-domain server.
PL2 systems include the all-source and single-source components of ABII but not the cross-domain server system.
ACAS Certification and the construction of the ACAS scanner enabled the submission of the request for Interim Authority to Test (IATT) for each of the single-source and all-source components of the ABII.
The amount of time for ABII accreditation of 120 days includes the 33-plus days for paperwork and 87 days for coordinating with appropriate authorities, overcoming network and software friction, seeking approvals and signatures, rewrites and rescans, coordinating with the Division G2 for direct interventions with various organizations in First Army and the Department of the Army G2, executing necessary training and training oversight, and assisting in DSCG-A ABII integration into the Division Intelligence Enterprise prior to start of a warfighter exercise.
An available 350T accomplished an additional 60 days of work assisting in establishing the ACAS scanner and local area networks, collecting information on hardware and software for documentation, and integration of DCGS-A ABII into the Division intelligence enterprise.
The G2 SSO established a TSCIF to house the entire ACE as well as the ABII at WFX 15.
However, ABII is unique in that they are not-for-profit, only provide a test content outline and do not offer nor endorse any specific training courses.