ABILArizona Bridge to Independent Living (est. 1977)
ABILAfrican Bank Investments Limited
ABILAgoraphobics Building Independent Lives (support group)
ABILAllowable Business Investment Losses (Revenue Canada)
ABILAirborne Beacon Interference Locator
ABILAsset-Backed Insurance Lending
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ABILs are losses that may occur where your small business corporation, or one you invest in, falls on hard times and you suffer a capital loss on shares or debt.
ABIL produces 216 products under the brand names Sunshine Snacks, Charles Candy, Devon Biscuits and Sunshine and Universal Cereals.
Honary says the ABIL research group is working with Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, a commercial entity spun off from the research group, and holds exclusive rights to develop DuPont's GM soybean oil for commercial fluids.
The initial focus of the tool is on O/W and W/O emulsifiers, such as the organomodified silicone emulsifier ABIL Care XL 80 or the polyglyceryl-based ISOLAN GPS.
Contact: ABIL, 1229 East Washing ton Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034.
Contact: ABIL, (800) 280-2245 / (602) 256-2245 / 254-6407 (fax) / azbridge@abil .
Beneficiaries receive the tickets from SSA and give the "ticket" to a participating employment network such as ABIL in exchange for employment services.
ABIL offers and promotes programs designed to empower people with disabilities to take personal responsibility so they may achieve or continue independent lifestyles within the community.
Established in 1981, ABIL advocates personal responsibility as a means to independence.
The contract covers accommodation, reception, processing of data streams, their transmission to the SI of the Bank of France, assistance, monitoring, maintenance and updates of the software ABIL platform.